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Malaal e Yaar – Episode 8 Review : Amber is not over Faiq yet

Malaal e Yaar revolves around the brutality and atrocities of a feudal family. The story is very artfully portrayed in a gripping plot, penned down by Hina Huma Nafees and well-executed by Asad Jabbal. We are drooling over Zain Baig’s macho looks as a wadeira and Azeekha Daniel also shines out in her character. The play has become one of our most favorite Prime Time Watch.

Amber, though she has said yes for Balaaj, is not yet over with Faiq, her mind and heart is still occupied with his fond memories, it leaves one wondering if she loves him a lot then why she had to hurt him so badly by saying that he has nothing to make her happy. Amber gathered some courage and talks with Balaaj that she does not want to marry him, Balaaj’s strong reaction scared the hell out of her and he is resolute that he can never go against Baray Saab’s wishes so how come she dares to think of that? but then Amber wisely twists the topic and convinces him that he will talk with Baray Saab to postpone their marriage for some time as she has to complete her studies.


Faiq’s mother finds a solution for his broken heart, she convinces Faiq and they visit Samreen’s place for Minhal’s proposal. Faiq likes Minhal and finds her very innocent and pure. She agrees for the engagement but before that, he wants to tell her everything about his past and he also puts some effort in telling her everything, but Minhal says that she has nothing to do with his past and that she fully trusts him. Faiq is satisfied and happy to find such a sincere and sensible girl.


However, Amber is not satisfied with her decision she calls him, after what she has done with him she proves to be bold enough to call him, he picks her phone and they both talk a bit, she tells him that after leaving him, she is missing him badly but then she suddenly drops the call as Wajahat Chacha enters the room, he is still suspicious that Amber is not over with that guy and he once again warns her.


It seems like trials and troubles have not yet ended for Samreen as Hooriya’s childhood friend arrives in the city for her wedding, she had moved to Lahore but now, she is back for wedding and Danish’s mother has decided that she will not allow any function on Hooriya and Danish wedding, after that wedding which makes Samreen super happy. However, Danish’s mother spoils her happiness by saying that she has a condition that she will have to bring her father on all the wedding functions, as she has to tell her family about Hooriya’s family! Samreen is really confused will she agree on bringing Wahajat to the wedding functions or will she decline Danish’s mother condition?


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