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Malal e Yaar Episode 11 Review: Hooriya and Minhal are wondering about their father’s family

Balaaj and Amber wedding functions have started!


The story is getting intense and more and more engaging of the drama Malaal e yaar, a serial which perfectly depicts a feudalistic mindset. The writer Hina Huma Nafees has very brilliantly written the plot and the play is showcasing some really amazing performances among which Azeeka Daniel stands out and we really love Zain Baig’s Macho Wadera looks.

The episode begins showing Hooriya and Minhal who are extremely disturbed, as their mother is in a coma and their father has told them to pack their stuff as now they have to live with their father at his house. Hooriya is not ready to live with him as she does not like her father and family, and she has grievances too. Wahajat however, tries to clarify his position and he tells them that it is Samreen’s wish that he never met his daughters. Well, Wahajat’s clarifications somehow convince Hooriya and Minhal and they have agreed to go with him.


Faiq’s mother meets Wahajat and reminds him that Samreen has fixed Minhal’s engagement with Faiq and she just wanted to bring that in Wahajat’s knowledge, Wahajat has not shown any disagreement on it but he says that this is not the right time to discuss this matter. On the other hand, Amber and Balaaj’s wedding functions have started and everyone was wondering where Wahajat is as he could not be seen anywhere.


Right in the middle of the function Wajahat arrives with her daughters,  shocking everyone,  particularly Baba Sarkar, who gets furious, as well as Bibi. Malik Jahangir is also shocked to learn that Wajahat knows about Samreen and her daughters’ whereabouts for that long and he has hidden that from him. On the other hand, Malik Jahanghir’s wife is thinking that Wajahat has brought her daughters as some sort of scheming. On the other hand, Hooriya and Minhal are wondering what kind of people their father’s family are as no one has come to greetthem.


Well, one thing which seems odd and overly done is  that Hooriya and Minhal’s over reaction when they  see Sayeda and find that she is their step mother. They should have understood that their mother left Wajahat and under such circumstances, she married their father and it is not her mistake but still, Hooriya and Minhal misbehaved with her despite Sayeda’s sweet and soft attitude and her attempts of clarifying herself.

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