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Malaal e Yaar Episode-12 Review: Malik Jahanzeb wants Balaaj to marry Hooriya

Hooriya is having fiery encounters with Balaaj in the house.


Malal e yaar the drama serial which revolves around feudalistic aristocracies has taken a major turn as its 12th episode went on-air.  The story plot is very gripping, well written by Hina Huma Nafees and brilliantly executed by Asad Jabbal. The best thing about the play is Zain Baig’s macho looks as a feudal, we are drooling over his performance. Azeeka Daniel is also looking very gorgeous in this play and they both have outdone their roles by their brilliant performances.

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The episode begins when Hooriya and Minhal who are trying to adjust in their father’s house. Malik Jahanzeb call both of them and inquires about their mother, in a very rude way. Amber is also present there and she surprisingly is not different from her parents, she is also against the girls. Well, one wonders what kind of character Amber is? she has no feelings for the girls, they are her cousins. Hooriya bumps into Balaaj on her way to find the kitchen,  like their previous encounter, they again have an exchange of heated arguments which Balaaj ends by introducing himself as Malik Balaaj!


Hooriya and Minhal’s rude behavior with their stepmother is also not ending even their father is trying his best to change their perception but they still do not want to see her. But, when they both see the rude attitude of the family members towards her, they start to develop feelings for her. Moreover; Syeda tell them that she has no kids but now when she looks at them, she feels like she does not need any, she considers them like her own daughters. This has melted Mihal’s heart and then Hooriya too embraces her.


Hooriya and Balaaj are having fiery encounters in the house, another occur when Hooriya is out at the dera talking to a servant’s boy in her casual jeans and shirt, Balaaj spots her and then he snubs her for being there without dupatta and eventually drags her to his father and further Malik Jahanzeb insults her for not following family norms. Hooriya and Minal are shocked to learn all this, this is all is new and very strange to them.


Hooriya goes to Balaaj’s room and it is one interesting scene as it looks less fiery and more romantic although, Hooriya is snubbing him the way he looks at her and sprays perfumes it seems like Balaaj has started taking interest in her.

Well, this episode ends on a shocking note when Malik Jahanzeb orders Wajahat that he wants Balaaj to marry Hooriya as she is his Mang and in their family, Mang’s status is not less than Nikkah! Malik Jahanzeb is such a rigid person that for family tradition he is scarifying his own daughter’s happiness!

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