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Malaal e Yaar Episode-20 Review: Hooriya is giving Balaaj a tough competition

Malaal e Yaar the drama serial running on HUM TV is our most favorite Prime Time Watch for two reasons, the first reason is its gripping plot and the second reason is the portrayal of Balaaj’s character. Zain Baig has flawlessly carried this role and we cannot stop ourselves from drooling over Balaaj’s Macho looks. Azeekha Daniel is too shinning out in the role of Hooriya and in this episode, it seems like she is giving Balaaj a real competition.

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The episode begins Balaaj gets upset about Hooriya’s hysterical state and her confession that she was tired of all hatred. He is contemplating on all this when Bibi Jaan sees him sitting in the lawn late in the night and smoking, she scolds him and tells him to go back to his room. She tries to snub Hooriya the next day and asks if there is something going on between her and Balaaj on which Hooriya misbehaves and says that it’s their personal matter and she does not have any right to ask. Balaaj hears all this, he demands her to apologize Bibi Jaan on which she is resolute that she will not on which Balaaj tries to slap her but Bibi Jaan acts wise and she stops him.


Balaaj is invited to a dinner with his Mrs. by a family friend but Hooriya says that she will not go with him. Balaaj challenges her that she will have to go with him at any cost and he very artfully tells Taya Sarkar about the dinner invitation on which he says that Hooriya and you must go to that dinner. Although Hooriya does not say anything in front of Taya Sarkar however then she refuses to go on which Balaaj talks with his father. Hooriya starts getting ready for the party on his father’s request. The way Malik Balaaj is looking at Hooriya while she is getting prepared for the dinner says that he is very much in love with her.


Amber is such a pathetic character, she has no self-respect. She despite doing all that to Faiq has the audacity to call him. Faiq as expected talks very coldly with her. She is disappointed after getting his cold replies. She at one hand is trying to try her hands on Faiq the person she herself betrayed and then, on the other hand, she has not fully given up on Balaaj as well. She is still grieving the loss and Bibi Jaan has already told her that Hooriya has suffered a lot she is not happy with this relation, but still, she does not miss any chance of backbiting and to create more differences between Balaaj and Hooriya.


Hooriya smartly fakes tripping off from the stairs and get hurt. Despite Balaaj saying that she is doing drama no one is ready to believe him, he has to cancel the invitation and it is for the very first time someone has really given him a competition. Hooriya is very smartly making fun of Balaaj and he is very helpless to do anything while Hooriya is laughing on him.

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