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Malal-e-Yaar Episode 6 & 7 Review: Danish’s mother rejects the idea of Hooriya and Danish Nikaah in haste

Malal e Yaar, is a play which revolves around a feudal family and how their brutality and tyrannic attitude is affecting the lives of others. The play is penned down by Hina Huma Nafees and is brilliantly directed by Asad Jabbal. We are currently loving Zain Baig’s feudal looks; Azekah Daniel is also outdoing herself with a greater margin for performance in the drama.

So what has happened in the drama up till now? Hooriya’s mother has left the Haveli for good and it has been decades now but still Malik Shehbaaz is looking for his daughters as Hooriya was Balaaj’s childhood fiance.

Danish’s mother is portrayed as a rude and egoist woman who does not like Hooriya but still for the sake of her son she goes to Samreen and asks for Danish’s proposal. Yet doing so her tone is a bit insulting sort  as if she is doing a huge favor to them by asking Hooriya’s hand. Both Hooriya and her mother are reluctant to accept this proposal but then Samreen learns that Malik Shehbaaz is searching for the girls and he is looking for his daughter so that she can marry off her with Balaaj as she is his childhood fiance. It makes her so worried that she agrees on Danish’s proposal despite of Danish’s mother rude attitude.


Amber’s mother puts the condition that Faiq has to leave his house and mother and will have to live in their Haveli as a ghar Damaad then only she will talk about their marriage with Malik Shehbaaz. Amber was so sure that Faiq loves her so much that he will easily agree on this condition but little she feels that she is asking too much from him. Amber is portrayed as a mean and self centered girl who is not even realizing the fact that Faiq is his mother’s only child and also she is a widower and has no one in the world except her still she wants him to agree on this condition. However, Faiq clearly refused to accept this condition.


Minhal finds that someone is following her from her college, she is so scared she shares with her mother and sister which has scared the hell out of Samreen and she is extremely worried. She requests Danish’s mother that instead of engagement she will be happy if they will directly do the Nikkah in a simple way but this idea has fumed Danish’s mother. She is not ready to accept this, she finally refused it in a very harsh manner saying that she cannot let her son marry in such a hasty manner. Her tone is really very harsh and insulting.


Amber is not ready to accept Faiq’s point of view and she further goes low by saying that he has nothing in his house and he cannot give her that luxurious lifestyle she is habitual of. She is so mean and selfish that she leaves Faiq and agrees to marry Balaaj. She is such a shallow person that she is marrying Balaaj just because he can give her that luxurious lifestyle which Faiq cannot. Faiq is shattered by Amber’s betrayal.

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