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Mehar Posh Episode-12 Review: Mehru snubs Shah Jahan for coming in her way

Not much progress in the story line, this epsiode seems to be a bit dragged!

Mehar Posh Episode-12 ReviewIn this episode Mehru snubs Shah Jahan for coming in her way - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Meharposh airing at Geo Entertainment is one of an intense watch featuring the most beautiful couple of our industry Danish Taimoor and Ayeza Khan, both are giving an impressive performance. This episode feels a bit dragged and there is a lot of repetitions with no such story development except that Naeem’s cousin is manning up and it seems that he is passionate about his love and will not going to let her lady love marry Naeem.

One of the most disturbing factors is the sisters’ rivalry in this play. It is almost unbearable to see why a nice and caring sister like Ayat is treating her sister so insensitively just because of Shah Jahan, she cares about Shah Jahan more than her own sister. It looks so creepy the way she is secretly buying gifts for Danish and also she has the audacity to call him to pick them up. She is so pathetic that instead of being self-reliant, she so shamelessly tells her sister that they are Shah Jahan’s responsibility. How come she can do that?


Mehru’s stance of avoiding and refusing to take any sort of help from Shah Jahan is speaking volumes about her dignified character. She is trying to break the shackles of dependence on him, unlike her sister who is just being so pathetic. Well, once again poor Mehru’s path crosses with that abhorrent Naeem when his car hits her then she is once again treated the way she certainly does not deserve.


Naeem is being an absolute boorish, once again insults Mehru and assassinates her character in the middle of the road. I mean he has left her then why cannot he gracefully let her go but no he is unnecessary dragging Mehru and Shah Jahan in a brawl, accusing Shah Jahan as Mehru’s lover. Mehru is once again shattered but her pathetic sister is blaming her for ill-treating Shah Jahan. Naeem has accused both the girls of having an affair with Shah Jahan any girl having some dignity will try to avoid Shah Jahan as now its a matter of their reputation but no Ayat shamelessly calls Shah Jahan trying to apologize him on behalf of her sister.


Naeem’s Chachi’s game might get disturbed as Naeem’s cousin seems to man up and it seems that he is eventually going to take a stand for his love. He simply does not want to marry Mehru but her mother is insisting on him and things got worst when she selects the same girl for Naeem whom her son loves. Naeem’s cousin loses his cool and breaks a vase in Naeem’s house on which Naeem badly insults him and throws him out of his house. Despite Naeem’s chachi’s apologizing it seems that Naeem is not ready to forgive his cousin. It seems that Naeem’s chachi’s toxic game will finally end up by own son.

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