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Meher Posh Episode-13 Review: Naeem finally sees his Chachi’s ugly side

Naeem realizes that he has wronged Mehru

Meher Posh Episode-13 ReviewIn this episode Naeem finally sees his Chachi's ugly side - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Meher Posh the drama serial running at Geo Entertainment has aired its 13th episode, well it seems that eventually Mehru’s trials and troubles are going to get over as Naeem has seen his Chachi’s ugly face. All her plotting is revealed to him, it was a much-needed development in the story as the previous episodes were very slow-paced. Ali Abbas’s acting is very impressive as well as Ayeza Khan and Danish Taimur’s.

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We have seen in the previous episode that Shakeela’s chachi’s son has got into a rebellious mode, he has made up his mind that he is not blindly going to follow whatever his mother is telling him to do. He is also hurt by Naeem’s insulting manner and it seems that he is resolute to avenge getting slapped and insult in a best possible way. It seems that Chachi’s game is about to end. Meanwhile, Naeem’s mother comes back to her home and the good thing is that she has realized that she has made a mistake by abandoning her son.


The only good thing happened in Mehru’s life is that she has a good and caring friend, with whom she shares her heart out. Her friend convinces her that she is not doing good with Shah Jahan, he does not deserve this kind of rude attitude. While on the other hand Ayat despite of knowing that how much Shah Jahan’s presence irritates her asks him to bring Gol Gappay for her and it looks so cute when Shah Jahan brings Mehru’s favorite Jalebies too along with Gol Gappay and he also confesses that he is missing her scoldings.


Shakeela Chachi’s son ruins her whole game by marrying the girl whom Naeem is about to marry. He secretly performs Nikkah with her and then he along with her wife walks into Naeem’s house introducing her to all as his wife. Naeem is shocked and disturbed to see this. Shakeela Chachi is mad at his son for spoiling her scheming. She is not ready to accept her as her daughter in law.


Naeem is disturbed to know that why every time it happens with him? His mother tells him that she has always advised him not to listen to what other’s try to feed him. Naeem has realized that he has been wronged and now he is all set to teach his Chachi and cousin a lesson. When he reaches house Shakeela Chachi in her madness is cursing his son that how he has spoiled her whole game and how hard she plotted to make Naeem divorce Mehru so that he can marry her but he has ruined all this and Naeem is listening to this whole conservation of mother and son. Naeem has realized how he has wronged Mehru. Will Naeem ever be in peace with this heavy burden of guilt?

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