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Meher Posh Episode 26 Review: Shah Jahan is not accepting Ayat as his wife

Shah Jahan's mother is feeding Ayat's mind against Mehru

Meher Posh Episode 26 ReviewIn this episode Shah Jahan is not accepting Ayat as his wife - OyeYeah Drama Review

Meher Posh the drama serial airing at GEO Entertainment comes up with its another episode, now it seems that we are going to see more of sister rivalry as Shah Jahan’s mother is trying her best to feed Ayat’s mind against Mehru. This sister rivalry seems so ugly and disturbing. Danish Taimoor and Ayeza Khan’s performances are simply brilliant in this episode.

The episode begins when Shah Jahan’s nikkah has taken place and then Shah Jahan’s mother demands rukhsati as well. Ayat’s mother is reluctant to marry off Ayat in such a hasty manner but Shah Jahan’s mother is insisting for Ruksati and she has no choice but to agree. Well, one wonders in such a short notice how come Shah Jahan’s room is so well decorated with flowers? A few hours ago they have no idea about this nikkah they have gone to attend Mehru’s wedding function but then all that drama happened.

Ayat gets the reality check right at her wedding night. Before Shah Jahan coming into his room his mother is there brainwashing her mind against Mehru, telling her that if she has not married her in such a hasty manner Mehru would have married Shah Jahan. Shah Jahan overhears all this and he loses his mind and he gets furious on knowing that his mother is so against Mehru and marrying Ayat instead of Mehru is her deliberate attempt.

Shah Jahan is not ready to accept Ayat as his wife. He gives Ayat a reality check right at her wedding night by telling her that she does not have to expect anything from him, she does not have to come near to him and moreover he scolds her that why she is attired in a bridal outfit tells her to change her dress and never dare to dress up nicely in front of him. Well, it is so satisfying to see Ayat suffering like that, a selfish girl like her deserves this kind of treatment.

Ayat has got the idea that Shah Jahan is not happy with this marriage. All her bubble that Shah Jahan loves her busted in the air. She is extremely sad and disturbed, Shah Jahan is not talking with her on the next morning as well and he lefts for work early. On the other hand, Mehru cannot gather the courage to take breakfast for Ayat at Shah Jahan’s place, she makes an excuse that she is going for work. What will be the future of Mehru and Shah Jahan’s relationship as their love is forbidden after Shah Jahan and Ayat’s marriage?

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