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Meher Posh Episode 19 Review: Mehru and Shah Jahan are getting close

Mehru gets engaged in a hasty manner to a stranger making no sense

Meher Posh Episode 19 ReviewIn this episode Mehru and Shah Jahan are getting close - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Meharposh the drama serial running at GEO Entertainment, despite having the most beautiful and popular real-life couple of Aiza Khan and Danish Taimur, is not coming up to our expectations when it comes to the script, however, the performances are on spot. We really love Sania Saeed as a positive and caring mother who is not like a traditional conventional mother she is rather open-minded and lets her daughter makes her choice but here in this episode she has surprised us with something we are not expecting from her.

Mehru and Shah Jahan are getting close to each other, Shah Jahan has confessed his feelings for her and moreover he says that his mother has agreed for their marriage which has startled Mehru as she clearly knows that Khala Jaan hates her so much and how can she agree to make her Shah Jahan’s bride but Shah Jahan assures her that she has happily agreed, little does poor Shah Jahan know that she is planning to make Ayat her daughter in law, not Mehru.

Mehru returns from her office when she sees an unknown lady sitting at her lounge and after some time she has realized that she has come for her proposal. Well, this scene is too much over the top, that lady who has come for the first time to see Mehru hastily announces that she is engaging Mehru with his son and she slides a ring in Mehru’s finger. Well, it looks so weird Mehru’s mother let this happen she has not done any investigation for the boy she has first time seen her. The lady is too quick to put the engagement ring that she has not asked Mehru or her mother for the approval! This never happens anywhere.

Well according to Mehru’s mother’s character this is really something very disappointing. It is not going well with her strong and positive character, how can she let any stranger woman forcefully do engagement of her daughter with his son without her consent. Well it is equally disappointing from Mehru’s part as well she has not opposed at all nor she has loudly said that she cannot do this engagement on that lady’s face. How can she let a stranger woman slid a ring in her finger without her consent?

The following scene is too absurd where Mehru calls Shah Jahan and tells him that she is engaged. She is so powerless that an unknown lady comes out of nowhere and puts a ring on her finger at her first meeting without realizing that Mehru and her mother have agreed to it or not? Mehru shares her anxieties with Shah Jahan and he tells her not to worry as he will handle the situation. He says that he will send his mother soon but his mother talks with Mehru’s mother about Ayat’s proposal. Later Naeem finds out that the guy whose mother has forcefully engaged Mehru with is a goon and a smuggler. What will Shah Jahan do when he will realize that his mother has asked for Ayat’s hand, not Mehru’s?

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