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Meher Posh Episode 2 Review: Shah Jahan unintentionally tarnishes Mehru’s reputation at her Wedding

Naeem's ideal wife image is shaken

Meher-Posh-Episode-2-ReviewIn this episode Shah Jahan unintentionally tarnishes Mehru's reputation at her Wedding - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Meher Posh the newly started serial at Geo Entertainment is a 7th Sky production. The play is getting a very high rating, after a long time we can see the gorgeous real-life couple Ayeza Khan and Danish Taimoor back on screens. Naeem’s Chachi succeeds in seeding Naeem’s mind with doubts and Naeems being an idealist is hurt to see his ideal shaken.

Naeem being an idealist has set a certain image about his future wife, that is of a girl with a strong character who has never been in any relationship with any boy. Naeem is extremely delighted to see Mehru for the very first time as she is an extremely gorgeous girl just like his dream girl, but then he gets disturbed to see her with Shah Jahan helping her out with shopping bags, he starts questioning about him. His mother tries to shoo away his doubt for Mehru.

On the other hand, Shah Jahan is selflessly busy in being a helping hand for Mehru’s wedding preparations. Mehru has some real heart touching scenes with her father. She is worried that her in-laws will allow her to continue her job or not. Mehru is looking extremely gorgeous in her Mehndi and it seems that Naeem is also very happy to see her beautiful bride but Naeem’s Chachi is not happy to see this happy couple.

It looks so weird the way Shah Jahan’s loafer friends are so loudly teasing Shah Jahan at Mehru’s wedding venue, he should have given them a clear shut up call but no he himself seems to enjoy this by adding his own lines when Naeem’s Chachi hears it and then she makes sure that Naeem hears this too. Shah Jahan and his friends were really crossing the lines they were so loud and they are so shamelessly naming her and Shah Jahan too unintentionally enjoying this teasing by adding few imaginary lines which he fancies about her, but he has no idea that his stupid act has tarnished poor Mehru’s reputation and he has already sown a seed of Doubt in her newlywed husband’s mind.

Mehru is not aware of what his husband is going through. She is happy as a bride talking with guests but Naeem is not ready to accept her as his wife. She has fallen as her ideal wife in his eyes just because of Shah Jahan’s stupidity and because of his idiotic friends. Naeem is not ready to take bride home but his mother has timely sensed that her sister in law must have fed something into his idiot son, she begs him to do the ruksakti, Naeem helplessly follows her mother’s instruction but he has lost his interest in the bride and his heart is now not ready to accept her.

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