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Meher Posh Ep-20 Review: Shah Jahan’s mother is planning to make Ayat her daughter-in-law

Naeem wants to save Mehru from that engagement

Meher Posh Ep-20 ReviewIn this episode Shah Jahan's mother is planning to make Ayat her daughter-in-law - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Mehar Posh the drama serial running at GEO Entertainment is 20 episodes down but the story is quite dragged, the only development is the story is that Mehru has also started falling in love with Shah Jahan but both have no idea what Shah Jahan’s mother is planning. She is thinking to make Ayat her daughter in law, this whole track is quite stretched too. Danish Taimoor and Ayeza Khan are looking so beautiful together on screen and their onscreen chemistry is as cracking as their real chemistry.

Well Naeem is feeling remorse on his past conduct and now when he sincerely wants to marry off Mehru to a good person, he investigates the guy whose mother has forcefully put engagement ring at Mehru’s finger. Naeem has got to know that the guy had a great criminal record, he is a smuggler and a very influential person moreover he deals in drugs and women trafficking as well. too. Well, this is quite over the top. It seems so weird that both son and mother fail to convey this to Mehru and mother as they are not ready to listen to them.

Shah Jahan’s mother is playing her cards very smartly she is trying her best to convince Mehru’s mother to marry off her to this place. She is so vile that after knowing through Naeem’s mother that the guy has a shady reputation, she is still trying to convince Mehru’s mother for this proposal, how can she be so mean? She does not like her but marrying her off to knowingly bad people is so vile of her.

Shah Jahan and Mehru are getting close with each other and they both are from head to heal in love with each other. Shah Jahan is buying stuff for Mehru and he is all set to marry her as soon as possible but both have no idea that what his mother is cooking in her head. Shah Jahan is telling Mehru that he will soon marry her. They are hanging together not aware of what is coming on their way.

Well, one thing is not making any sense when Shah Jahan’s mother is telling him that Mehru’s mother has said that she will marry off both of her daughters in a go then why Shah Jahan has no inkling that it might be Mehru as she has been forcefully engaged and he should have the idea that his mother is more inclined towards Ayat and she is very fond of her so she might be talking her to make her his bride? But no Shah Jahan is too naive to understand this plotting.

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