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Meher Posh Ep-21 Review: Shah Jahan ‘s mother slides engagement ring in Ayat’s finger instead of Mehru

Meher Posh the drama serial airing at GEO Entertainment, is getting more intense and depressing as the story proceeds. Although the sequence of events has turned in quite a pathetic manner. The story has taken a drastic turn with Shah Jahan’s mother sliding a ring in Ayat’s finger, shocking Mehru, she feels cheated and fooled. Aiza Khan and Danish Taimoor’s performances were simply brilliant in this episode.

The episode begins when Shah Jahan’s mother surprisingly goes to Mehru’s house and tells her mother that she is going to perform a rassam as Shah Jahan is insisting her to go and put the ring on his bride to be’s finger which he himself has bought for her. Mehru’s mother is startled to see Shah Jahan’s mother in such a hasty manner, she is more than happy on making Shah Jahan his son in law so she is ready to accept whatever Shah Jahan’s mother asks her to do.

Mehru’s mother happily permits Shah Jahan’s mother to perform the engagement ritual, Mehru in her fancies, is expecting her to put the ring in her finger but her world turns upside down when Shah Jahan’s mother slid ring in Ayat’s finger instead of her. She feels betrayed and cheated. She has no idea what is going she simply sends Ayat’s picture to Shah Jahan on his Whatsapp on which he is wondering that why Mehru has sent Ayat’s picture instead of her?

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Well, when Mehru asks him why he has played with her heart? his world also turns upside down when he realizes that his mother has engaged him with the wrong girl. He expresses his disgust and anger with her mother. He tells his mother that she has done all that deliberately as she knew that he loves Mehru and wants to marry her but she hates her so much so that she intently choosen Ayat over her. He tells his mother to fix this up otherwise she will not see him alive.

Well, how difficult it is for Mehru to tell her family and especially her sister that it was a huge misunderstanding? She clearly sees that how happy her sister is and she is dreaming to be Shah Jahan’s bride, now how can she tell her family that it was she who Shah Jahan wants to marry and not Ayat. Mehru is telling all her dilemmas to Shah Jahan on the phone when Mehru’s mother overhears her conversation moreover she hears that Shah Jahan telling her that they will do court marriage. Will Mehru’s mother going to understand this situation and will she act sane? Being such a positive and forward-thinking woman will she side with Mehru?

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