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Meher Posh Episode-29 Review: Ayat is trying hard to win Shah Jahan’s attention

Meher Posh the drama serial running at GEO Entertainment is 29 episodes down but still the story seems stuck. Shah Jahan (Danish Taimoor) cannot get the love of his life and now his love has become forbidden for him. Mehru (Ayeza Khan) is struggling hard to lead a positive life but her own sister who use to be her support now hates her. The Performances were brilliant as usual.

The episode begins when Shah Jahan after getting a long lecture from Mehru on how to treat her wife nicely comes home but it seems that none of Mehru’s advice or request has brought any change in him because his attitude towards Ayat is the same, rude and bitter. It also seems that Ayat has realized the fact that Shah Jahan does not love her and somehow she has accepted the reality.

Mehru on the other hand gets selected in her office for an important project and for that she spends a lot of time in her office doing extra hours. Naeem has left the country but before that, he leaves papers for Mehru, he has named his house after her. Well, naming house property against an ex wife seems too far fetched, then on top of that Mehru burning those papers is too exaggerated. I mean she could have rejected it but after all its someone property papers how can she burn them?

Mehru still rules in Shah Jahan’s heart. He cannot stop himself from showing his inclination towards her and Ayat also notices it. Till now Ayat must have realized that Mehru claims that she and Shah Jahan likes each other seems correct to her, if she has some iota of shame and guilt and self-respect left with her she still could backed off from this relationship leaving Shah Jahan but, Ayat is so void of self-respect that she still using tricks to grab Shah Jahan’s attention.

Shah Jahan brings suits from his Lahore trip for his mother, Ayat,  Mehru and Mehru’s mother and he brings exactly the same dress for Mehru what he has brought for Ayat, he insists Ayat to go with him to Mehru’s house to deliver those gifts. Ayat fakes fainting in front of Shah Jahan to divert his attention and somehow she is successful in gaining Shah Jahan’s sympathies but not his love. Why don’t Ayat realizes that Shah Jahan loves Mehru and his love for Mehru cannot be for her?


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