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Meher Posh Episode-3 Review: Mehru gets divorced on her wedding night

Chachi very cleverly spews her venom against Mehru

Meher-Posh-Episode-3-ReviewIn this episode Mehru gets divorced on her wedding night - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Meher Posh the drama serial airing at GEO Entertainment is getting very popular as it is featuring Aiza Khan and Danish Taimur the most loved real-life couple for the first time as an onscreen couple. Penned down by Misbah Nousheen and directed by Mazhar Moin, the 7th Sky Production seems a captivating tale. Aiza Khan, Danish Taimur, Ali Khan and Iffat Omer have given incredible performances in this episode.

The episode begins when Naeem tells her mother that he cannot accept Mehru as his wife because she is not up to the standards he has set for his ideal wife, he accuses Mehru of having a loose character which is not at all acceptable to him and moreover he starts blaming her mother for not doing proper investigation before choosing his bride. His mother has tried his best to shoo away all his doubts but all her efforts go vain.


Naeem being an absolute idiot goes to his Chachi house, and there the vile and extremely jealous Chachi spews all her venom into his ears and God knows how she has vilified Mehru’s character that Naeem who has already disappointed by Mehru decides to leave her. Well Chachi has committed such a heinous sin by vilifying Mehru’s character and ruining her life.


Chachi’s son tries to tell her mother that what she is doing is not right she should not have done that. Well, the way he is causally forbidding her mother should not be the way it is done here, he should have strongly opposed her mother as she is going to ruin an innocent girl’s life just for the sake of satisfaction of her envious self. The way she is trying to justify her act and bitterness is not making any sense at all in order to punish her sister in law, she has deliberately ruined Mehru’s life and that too for no reason.


Mehru’s father’s blood pressure shoots up and he gets hospitalized and there Mehru’s stupid sister out of anxiety calls the newlywed bride on her wedding night and shares the news that their father is not well. Naturally, Mehru gets extremely worried and she is in a panic she calls her mother but when she is not satisfied she calls Shah Jahan. When she is talking with him right at that moment Naeem enters into the room and starts accusing her of having a loose character and ends up divorcing her. Poor Mehru gets divorced on her wedding night and she herself did not know the reason behind it except that Naeem is telling her that he has heard boys calling her name at her wedding function and also accuses her of talking to Shah Jahan. Her mother in law stops her not to leave the house at night as she knows that her father is not well she says that she will take her to her parents’ place. Is Mehru going to dig into the reason why she gets divorced like that?

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