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Meher Posh Episode 30 Review: Ayat is trying hard to win Shah Jahan

GEO Entertainment drama serial Meher Posh with 30 episodes down seems to be an unnecessarily dragged story. The worst part about the play is this sister rivalry, I hope makers of the play realize that sister rivalry is the ugliest theme one could have in the drama but sadly it seems to be part of every other play. Performances are on point in this episode.

Ayat taunts her sister for spoiling her married life and she warns her not to go after Shah Jahan. Mehru is so hurt and angry at Ayat’s taunting that she cuts the gifted suit in pieces, spoiling it. Ayat once again creates a lot of fuss about Mehru spoiling their gift, she tries hard to demonize Mehru in front of Shah Jahan too. Shah Jahan clearly tells her that she does not have to worry he does not mind this at all.

Ayat is shocked and hurt to see that despite Mehru badly ruining their gift, Shah Jahan still packs food for her. Well, Ayat has clearly realized that how much Shah Jahan has cared for Mehru, now she must have fully realized that Shah Jahan loves Mehru and what Mehru was claiming that she and Shah Jahan like each other was  true, so instead of backing off, she is trying hard to win Shah Jahan. Ayat is so void of self-respect.

Shah Jahan is also trying hard to carry his relationship with Ayat as Mehru has requested him to do so. Shah Jahan, in one of the scenes tells Ayat that she is selfish and she only thinks of her own self demanding others to give sacrifices for her. She is trying to follow her dreams by crushing others’ dreams. Well, Shah Jahan has indirectly expressed himself to Ayat that his heart is not in this relationship if Ayat has an iota of self-respect she would have back off but no she is ugly and she is persistent to win Shah Jahan.

Mehru is simply shattered by her sister’s meanness, she fails to understand that why Ayat is blaming her all the time when she has done nothing to ruin her married life, she is wondering that when she has left Shah Jahan for her then why she still hates her. Mehru’s mother tells her that she did wrong by sacrificing her love because she cannot forcefully make Shah Jahan love Ayat and Ayat is going to suffer. Mehru’s mother is not snubbing Ayat at all on her mean comments for her sister.

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