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Meher Posh Episode-4 Review: A heart wrenching episode

Naeem has no remorse on divorcing Mehru

Meher-Posh-Episode-4-ReviewIn this episode A heart wrenching episode - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Meher Posh the 7th Sky Productions drama serial airing on Geo Entertainment has gained immense popularity. One of the major reasons is the comeback of the real-life gorgeous couple on the screen. In this episode Aiza Khan has given an incredible performance, we call it simply amazing. The execution of the play is on spot with amazingly great performances.

The play begins with a morning scene, where Mehru is sitting on the kitchen floor lifelessly, she kept sitting in that position the whole night. She is the bride who has been divorced on her Wedding night and for what reason? She is just trying to figure it out but it seems that her mind is numb. She is not able to say anything she is silent. A silence which is screaming, a silence which speaks volumes of questions screaming loud and clear that what is her fault? Where she has wronged?

The vilest character of the play Chachi, she is so unnecessarily evil and ugly at heart. Whatever she has done with Mehru has no justification, she is simply hideous how can someone ruin an innocent’s girl life like that just because she likes to see that girl as her son’s bride. She says that life has made her bitter but apparently it does not seem that she has gone through much her husband’s death was untimely but its no one’s fault then her sister in law Naeem’s mother seems a very decent lady. It must be her jealousy that is burning her which has made her commit such heinous sin!

Mehru’s family is busy in their festivities for her newly wedded daughter. Mehru’s mother and sister are busy getting ready to take the traditional breakfast at Mehru’s place. Well, we have seen a single scene of Shah Jahan and Ayat, where he tries to tell her about Mehru but then he refrains himself from sharing anything, and Ayat is taking it in wrong sense and she gets lost in her fancies. The car scenes are parallel going where at one scene Mehru’s mother and sister are in the very happy and excited mood while on the other scene Mehru is along with her mother-in-law in the car who is taking her back to her house again there is a screaming silence, her mother-in-law is begging her to forgive her.

The heartbreaking scene is when Mehru is stepping back into her house and her house is still decorated with wedding bounties and there is a Shadi Mubarak board still hanging at the door. Aiza Khan has given a memorable performance she is taking small steps recalling all her wedding festivities and shivering, tears rolling down her cheeks. The heartbreaking scene is when that silent Mehru burst into tears in her mother’s arms crying, screaming, and eventually imparting the news of her ruination.

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