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Meher Posh Episode-6 Review: This particular episode is full of toxicity and depression!

Shah Jahan is resolute that he will restore Mehru Jee's reputation

Meher Posh Episode-6 ReviewIn this episode This particular episode is full of toxicity and depression - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Meher Posh the drama serial running at GEO Entertainment is now turning more and more toxic. Is it really necessary that we need to show such vile characters on screens all the time? Well, this episode turned out to be a bit depressing and feels a bit dragged, we witnessed no further story development other than Naeem’s Chachi spreading her toxicity everywhere assassinating Mehru’s character in the neighborhood.

At first, the point which is not making any sense is that if Shah Jahan loves Mehru so deeply and sincerely then why he never tried to send his proposal and now when his friend is giving him the advice to marry Mehru he is negating it why? No one can love her better than him then why he is letting her suffer like that?  Is he going to own his blunder?

Naeem’s Chachi is such a vile character, it is hard to believe that she is so conveniently tarnishing Mehru’s reputation in the neighborhood, though she wants to make Mehru her own daughter in law but then why she is assassinating her character? Moreover, it is shown that how difficult it is for divorcees and their families to answer stupid questions.

This episode also shows how insensitively people pass their mean remarks on divorcees in the name of sharing their grief but in real they are adding more pain to the victim and the family. It is such a common practice in our society but I must say that the scene is overly done, it is too much exaggerated and a very loud one. The way ladies from the neighborhood start cursing the daughters and the way they are addressing Mehru’s father is not what people normally do, they show their attitude but they do not say things that explicitly.

The depression and agony through which Mehru and her family are going through is heartbreaking especially when Mehru tries to take her life. Well keeping in mind the positive and lively Mehru this act of her is not gelling well with her character but it is shown that the misery and particularly the questions people raising about her divorce has badly challenged her sanity level and she has almost lost all hopes. Well, my question to the makers of this play is that is it necessary to show such a level of misery in the plays all the time that people start feeling the same sense of depression and disappointment in themselves?

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