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Meher Posh Episode-8 Review: Naeem’s vile act has taken Mehru’s father’s life

Mehru has realized that someone is after her!


Meher Posh the drama serial running at Geo Entertainment has taken a very tragic turn. The writer has portrayed how insensitively and meanly people treat others not realizing the fact that how disastrous will be its consequences, it might take anyone’s life. Naeem brutally trashes Mehru in front of all neighbors divorcing her again and Mehru’s father cannot stand this humiliation. Ayeza Khan is nailing her role with her brilliant performance.

The episode begins when Naeem is ruthlessly trashing Mehru in front of all the neighbors assassinating her character so cruelly and then divorcing her finally. Mehru’s father cannot stand this humiliation, he ends up losing his life. This is too much poor Mehru has gone through and she has done nothing to deserve this pain.

The most disturbing part is that neither Naeem nor Naeem’s Chachi is even feeling a little bit remorse about what they have done. Naeem’s conduct has taken Mehru’s father’s life but he does not feel any guilt on his act nor Naeem’s Chachi who clearly knows that she is majorly responsible for Mehru’s father’s death behaves so sickeningly evil that she shamelessly attends his funeral and tries to console the grieved family. However before dying in a filmy way Mehru’s father tells Shah Jahan to take good care of Mehru.

Another negative character is Shah Jahan’s mother who is showing zero empathy towards grieving Mehru, well the reason of her keeping grudges for Mehru is comprehensible but at that point where she can clearly see that poor girl is in trauma and she has just lost her father instead of developing any sympathetic feelings toward her, she is still showing her disgust. Meanwhile, she likes Ayat, though Ayat does not even agree to her suggestion to eat something she has sympathies with her and we already know that Ayat has feelings for Shah Jahan so it seems the play might go towards sister rivalry which we certainly do not want.

Well it is Shah Jahan who is feeling the never-ending burden of guilt in his chest unlike Naeem and his vile Chachi, this guilt is eating his up. He is feeling that his unintentional mistake is responsible for Mehru’s father death and it is partially true. Mehru has realized that someone is after her and she is sure that someone is a close one, when Mehru starts cursing her unknown foe Shah Jahan feels like it is him whom she is cursing. Well, what Shah Jahan and his friends did on her wedding venue was totally wrong but he certainly does not deserve to go through so much pain and burden of guilt nor poor Aiza whose whole life is ruined by Naeem’s vile Chachi scheming.

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