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Meher Posh Episode-9 Review: Mehru’s trails of troubles seem to be never ending

Shah Jahan's mother says very inappropriate stuff to Mehru

Meher Posh Episode-9 ReviewIn this episode Mehru's trails of troubles seem to be never ending - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Meher Posh the drama serial running at Geo Entertainment is turning more and more depressing, the trails of troubles of Mehru seem to be never-ending. This episode is very slow-paced but we can see the development in the story. Ayeza Khan and Danish Taimoor have given brilliant performances in this episode.

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One of the most disturbing factors in this play is that most of the characters are negative or portrayed in a negative light. For instance, Shah Jahan’s mother appears to be a decent lady, and being a single parent she is extremely possessive about her son, her concerns are genuine. However; the way she behaves with Mehru is such vile, showing her bad side. She could have asked her simply not to disturb Shah Jahan again but she labels her as worst than prostitutes why she is being so cruel and disgusting? She has even not realized that she has recently lost her father.


Well, once again my question is to the makers of the play that is it really important to show most of the characters in such bad light? it creates depression and disappointment among the viewers and surely has a bad impact on the audiences why cannot we show the same behavior of a possessive mother in a better light? She could have had conveyed her message to Mehru in a much better way.


Shah Jahan on the other is trying his best to help Mehru but little he knows that he is adding more troubles in her life. He files an FIR to arrest Naeem and now Naeem has made his mind that he is not going to spare Mehru’s family for this. Mehru who somehow has managed to come out of her father’s sudden death trauma is shattered with Shah Jahan’s mother’s venom. She goes and slaps hard at Shah Jahan’s face in front of all his friends.


Shah Jahan has understood that something has happened with Mehru otherwise she can never do that to him. Naeem’s Chachi is trying hard to cash him, he is willingly spending his money on them and he is least concerned for his own mother. Shah Jahan’s mother tries to create a drama out of this situation she is ready to attack Mehru’s reputation once again but this time Shah Jahan forbids her not to do this otherwise he will be dead for her.

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