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Meher Posh Episode-11 Review: Shah Jahan is trying best to keep his promise he made with Mehru’s father

Meher Posh the drama serial airing at Geo Entertainment featuring one of the most loved couples of our industry Ayeza Khan and Danish Taimoor, is getting more and more intense. The play although has many disturbing factors including the plotting of Naeem’s Chachi, Naeem’s unnecessary insulting manner with Mehru, Chachi’s son’s silence on her mother’s wrongdoings and Shah Jahan’s mother’s vile attitude. Still, the play is all about Ayeza and Danish Taimoor’s amazing performance and chemistry.

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Mehru like a brave heart is trying her best to carry all her responsibilities by herself and she is avoiding to take any kind of help from Shah Jahan but Shah Jahan is trying her best to take good care of her, protecting her where ever he can, despite Mehru’s unwelcoming and cold behaviour, Shah Jahan is trying his best to keep his promise he made with Mehru’s father.


Another disturbing factor is Ayat’s insensitive and rude behavior with her sister, despite knowing that how much pain her sister is enduring, instead of being a helping hand, she is criticizing her sister for not treating Shah Jahan nicely and she is still demanding her to apologize despite knowing that what venom Shah Jahan’s mother uttered for her. One of the best things about this play is the positive portrayal of Mehru’s mother, the way she is trying to tell Ayat that she is being disrespectful to her eldest sister is so nice. She is an ideal parent.


Naeem’s Chachi’s scheming is not slowing down, she gathers all jewelry and dresses of Mehru’s baree by saying that she will distribute it among the poor people but in reality, she keeps it safe with her. She is shamelessly looting Naeem and Naeem is being a nincompoop. It seems that her son is now not going to be on her side anymore when he comes to know that her mother has selected the same girl for Naeem whom he loves. His mother is not ready to accept this same girl for him. It seems that he is not going to be a party with her mother in this scheme any more.

The major development of the story is that Shah Jahan gets a job at the same company where Mehru’s father wishes him to work. Shah Jahan brings Mithaee at Mehru’s place and there Ayat is more than happy to know about his job. Mehru’s mother welcomes him and she says that she is little upset about Mehru’s behavior but her main reason was his mother’s rude remarks. Shah Jahan says that yes it is all his mother’s fault she should not have said those rude things to her.

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