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Mera Khuda Janay Episode 16 Review: What will be Roohi’s fate?

Finally something new happened to Roohi, she regains her power to walk! Yay! The latest episode of Mera Khuda Janay was basically about Roohi and how she is dealing with the new changes in her life. Not only is Waleed’s interest in Iqra is unbearable for her, but the fact that her daughter seems more reliant on Iqra than her is bothersome. To think that Roohi is being a tad bit too emotional is pretty understandable. She is completely in love with her husband and the idea of him becoming more attached to his second wife is heart wrenching for her.

Iqra on the other hand is very upset that Roohi is able to walk again. Even though she hides her emotions very well, and her mother assures her that Waleed will come to her but she is unsure. Iqra’s mother in law is very supportive and encouraging but she is worried about her future. To be fair, she has taken care of Waleed’s daughter day and night, while also managing the entire household, so her expectation of reward is ‘jaiz’. And the rewad is Waleed’s love and attention, the one thing that Roohi is unable to share.

Waleed seems like the only character who even though claims to love Roohi most, is unable to hide his feelings of appreciation for Iqra. This episode also marked the final shift, where he hits Roohi when she yells to throw Iqra out of the house. Does this mean that Roohi is definitely losing her singular love in her husband’s heart? Will she also lose her daughter to Iqra, as the child is more used to ‘choti ammi’ instead of the real ‘ma’? We will only know in the next episode!

Mera Khuda Janay has managed to keep our interests vested in the drama. Ali Abbas and Hira Mani stand out as the stars of the show. Anum Fayyaz is also very good in her character as Iqra because she brings out a believable performance and you cannot hate her for whatever she does. Zeeshan Ahmed sure knows how to extract fine performances from his cast and the result is onscreen as a drama where you’re not bored even for a second.

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