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Meray Paas Tum Ho Episode 19 Review: Mehwish and her materialistic regrets

19 episodes down and the charm of the drama still goes strong. In fact, Meray Paas Tum Ho has been becoming stronger with every passing episode owing to some great dialogues and superb acting by the entire cast. Humayun Saeed’s expressions have been spectacular throughout and this week too he stood out as Danish but the highlight of the 19th episode had to be the powerful dialogues that were delivered throughout.

Mehwish is now devastated and homeless. She has been served her sentence but she is still her usual vain self thinking only about herself and giving no thought to what Danish might be feeling or have felt when she left. In fact, Mehwish tries her best to find out about Hania’s involvement in Danish’s life by visiting her in school and trying to wheedle out information from her.

Mehwish is also trying to convince Danish’s friends to help her convince Danish to forgive her but all ends in vain when she herself talks to Danish and he gives her a polite but curt shut-off. Danish has tried his best to forget Mehwish and the pain she caused him and now, being as selfish as she always was, Mehwish once again is back in his life, scratching his barely healed wounds and making them bleed again.

The exchange of dialogues between Hania and Mehwish, Mehwish and Danish and Rumi and Mehwish was absolutely beautiful this week. Khalil ur Rehman Qamar has definitely penned down some heartfelt dialogues that ring true for the most part of the serial.

So, we now have Mehwish trying to be back in Danish’s life and no sign of Shahwar whatsoever. The next week’s promo shows Mehwish admitted to the hospital in a critical condition and Danish proposing Hania. Considering its the 20th episode coming up next week, we’re wondering whether or not Meray Paas Tum Ho is reaching its conclusion or not. If it is, we’d definitely like to see justice being served and Danish getting the happiness and comfort he deserved and Mehwish paying up for whatever hurt she caused Danish and Rumi.

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