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Meray Pass Tum Ho Episode-15 Review: Shahwar served right!

How satisfying it was to watch Danish beat Shahwar to a pulp!

Meray Pass Tu Meray Paas Tum Ho Episode 19 Reviewm Ho Episode-15 Review

The 15th episode of Meray Pass Tum Ho brought about everything the viewers had been waiting for. This week’s episode showed Danish finally standing up for what he believed was truly his, his son Rumi. It was exciting to see the brawl scene between Danish and Shahwar and how Danish, for the first time ever, thought he had the power to dominate a situation because he had an advantage.

The courage Danish displayed came to him because he finally realized Rumi was his. Unlike Mehwish, Rumi would not be bought with money because he had Danish’s blood in his veins and because he loved Danish. Something Mehwish was incapable of doing.


The realization made Danish stand up for Rumi, not fearing what consequences might come his way and this is what we liked best about a man who had been so complaint and placate since the first episode. It also taught you how not to push someone over the edge because even the simplest of man had his limits.

Alongside superb acting, direction, and an interesting story, Meray Pass Tum Ho aces its dialogue department as well. The drama brings about some brilliantly written dialogues, the like of which we haven’t really heard in a long time. Strong, powerful and brimming with meaning, Khalil ur Rehman Qamar seems to have poured his heart out when it comes to the drama’s dialogues.


And so, rightfully speaking, Meray Pass Tum Ho continues to be our favorite Saturday watch on ARY Digital. Although we have Alif running on Geo, we tune in to Meray Pass Tum Ho first, only to catch up with the other brilliant piece of production later. Because yes, Meray Pass Tum Ho definitely deserves the first spot when it comes to quality entertainment on television.


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