Meray Paas Tum Ho Episode-16 Review: Danish shows courage!

16 episodes down, Meray Pass Tum Ho continues to impress its audience. The main reason, the performances as well as its engaging story. Although this is something you might have seen before on television, the truth is the drama’s treatment has been very different from any run of the mill stories we’ve already watched. So yes, the element of surprise and intrigue remains high throughout the episodes even 16 weeks down.

So what went down in this week’s episode?

Well, we now very clearly know there is nothing more important for Shahwar than his company and Mehwish acting up for Rumi’s case is only a distraction for him. Also after being threatened by Danish, Shahwar wants to keep himself out of the mess.

Mehwish is nothing more to Shahwar than his mistress and he wants to have to do nothing with her personal life. Shahwar, is a despicable man and he’s showing his true colors now, trying his best to make sure Mehwish doesn’t pursue Rumi’s subject with him anymore, he brings all sorts of excuses, even agreeing to a compromise between Mehwish and Danish, asking her to request him.

On the other hand, Danish’s life is now moving uphill. Thanks to Rumi giving him his courage and being his strength, Danish shows how he can make intelligent decisions. But will his decisions actually materialize into the wealth he’s after? Will Danish end up making money or his whim make him lose everything in overconfidence?

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The next week’s promo shows Shahwar and Mehwish finally preparing to tie the knot but there’s someone coming in? Who could it be? Is it Shahwar’s first wife who has come to doubt him after hearing Mehwish’s voice on the house phone? The next week’s episode promises to be very interesting, just like the rest of them have been.

Meray Pass Tum Ho is laced with some amazing performances and a catching story. We’re hooked to the drama for sure, what about you?

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