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Meray Paas Tum Ho Episode-18 Review: Does Mehwish deserve any pity?

Woah! I for one, do not have enough words to explain the craze this drama, Meray Paas Tum Ho, has generated these days. Each and every episode comes out as the top trend on social media with memes and reviews attributed to the performances and story of the drama. The audience have already termed Meray Pass Tum Ho a big favorite and rightfully so because each episode brings something unique and exciting to keep the viewers hooked to the drama.

This week saw the 18th episode, perhaps one of the most awaited ones, of Meray Pass Tum Ho. And to be honest, what transpired in the episode was nothing short of brilliant. The viewers, who had been rooting for Danish all the way, ever since Mehwish left him for Shahwar, finally saw Mehwish earn the reward for what she had sown.


Mehwish broke her happy home for money and luxurious life and now, with Maham, Shahwar’s wife in the picture, she is left with nothing. Maham, who showed a human side to her character once she was done serving sentences to Mehwish and Shahwar, was absolutely ruthless. Shahwar Ahmed was sent to jail for his deeds and Mehwish was thrown out of the house for what she wanted to do.

It only took Maham, who owned everything Shahwar flaunted, to make Mehwish see Shahwar’s real colors and realize that she was nothing else but a mistress for him, who he could shed whenever needed. Savera Nadeem as Maham is a surprise but a brilliant choice. Also, her dialogues were perhaps the most powerful of the week.

On the other hand, we have Humayun Saeed as Danish, who has brilliantly portrayed his character. Over the course of episodes, ever since Mehwish left him, Danish has become stoic to the mention of Mehwish’s name. Humayun’s expressions are brilliant in this regard and you absolutely cannot help but feel amazed at how Danish’s character has been portrayed by Humayun Saeed.


So for now, we have Mehwish back to square one, left with absolutely nothing with her while Danish has made it quite successful in life. Whether or not Mehwish seeks her way back to Danish or whether Danish finds it in his heart to forgive Mehwish, of course not take her back in, will only unfold in the upcoming episodes. Until then we stay hooked to his brilliant piece of direction by Nadeem Baig and absolutely amazing acting by the entire cast.

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