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Meray Pass Tum Ho Episode-20 review: Mehwish the selfish!

Even after so many setbacks Mehwish hasn't stopped thinking about herself

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Meray Pass Tum Ho has become a sort of an addiction for all. The drama is nothing short of a drug that slowly penetrates into the veins and makes one entirely dependent on it. Not a week goes by that we don’t tune into ARY Digital and witness the story unfold in front of our eyes.

20 episodes have gone by and the drama is perhaps nearing its climax but even uptil now Danithere hasn’t been any remorse shown on part of Mehwish.

In this week we saw Mehwish trying to commit suicide but the purpose behind it was to convince Danish to come see her. She hasn’t expressed any remorse nor understands that she cannot be with Danish anymore. Perhaps Mehwish is vain to the core and she will never understand what she did was wrong and cannot be rectified.

Also Mehwish’s jealousy of Hania and her trying to gain information of how close she and Danish is simply not done. Mehwish tries to make sure there is nothing between Hania and Danish so that she can make her next move.

In all this Mehwish hasn’t paid any attention to what Danish might be feeling after what she has done to him. Danish is struggling to be normal after having gone through such a big mental trauma and yet Mehwish doesn’t understand that she should only distance herself from Danish for his peace of mind.

This episode went by without any mention of Shahwar and that means we definitely miss him.

What will happen next has us waiting anxiously for the upcoming episode as this will show what Danish will decide and how Mehwish will still try and intervene in his life. She is now keeping Rumi close and we need to know whether or not she will be using him as a means of getting close to Danish. Lets see what becomes of Meray Pass Tum Ho in the upcoming episodes.

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