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Mere Humsafar Episode-18 Review: Hamza is giving Hala confidence

Hamza is trying to make Hala financially independent

Mere Humsafar Episode-18 ReviewMere Humsafar Episode-18 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Mere Humsafar the drama serial airing at ARY Digital is one of the most popular serials and our favorite too. We are rooting for Hala and Hamza’s cute romantic scenes and their chemistry is what is carrying the whole show. In the previous episode, we have seen Hala thinking that Hamza is too good for her. In this episode, Hamza is helping Hala in gaining confidence and financial independence.

The opening scene is of Khurram saving Sameen from the goons well for a mean person like Khurram it is quite out of character for him for being a hero to risk his own life to help a stranger girl. It is not a typical Khurram thing to do. Well, Khurram is giving us mixed signals we are not making out whether Khurram is taking interest in Sameen or not?

Sameen is certainly grateful to Khurram and the way she is taking care of him is like paying off for saving her. Sameen’s parents are behaving reasonably but it is Sameen who is being such a disappointment she still has hopes that she will win back Hamza what a pathetic girl and exactly it is not going well with her character. She should have gracefully moved on.

Sameen’s mother has agreed to a proposal and they were the same people who have chosen Sameen over Rumi. Rumi is a real nuisance she literally nudges her mother to come and create a drama to spoil Sameen’s proposal. Well, Shah Jahan behaves so unexpectedly that no one behaves like that in front of the guests. She claims her rights over Sameen saying that she will make Hamza’s bride but Sameen’s mother shows her the mirror. Shah Jahan is being so pathetic in front of the guests that Raees has to stop and snub her. Well, one wonders why guests have shown no reaction to Shah Jahan’s insult? Strange!

Hamza and Hala’s cute scenes are the highlight of the show, their chemistry is what is literally carrying the whole show making this regressive watch interesting. Hamza is giving Hala the confidence she really needs. The way he is trying to make her financially independent is super cute and also Hala trying to catch a step with Hamza. The way Hala shares with Hamza about his mother’s threat to burn her but I don’t like the way he lightly ignored it saying that ” Aisee baatain bus kahi jati hain magar tum nay theek jawab diya”. Tayee is after Hala she even meets Shafaq which is not making any sense and one wonders how come Shafaq gets convinced by Tayee’s fabricated story? We are rooting for Hala and Hamza and we are not ready to see anyone be it Sameen, Tayee, or Khurram sabotaging their beautiful relationship.

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