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Mere Humsafar Episode-20 Review: Khurram is resolute to ruin Hala’s happiness

Shahjahan posing to be nice with Hala and Hamza

Mere Humsafar Episode-20 ReviewMere Humsafar Episode-20 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

ARY Digital’s drama serial Mere Humsafar is a massively popular serial and the main reason behind its success is Hania Amir and Farhan Saeed’s sizzling onscreen chemistry. In the previous episode, we have seen that Hala and Hamza take their relationship to the next level by going on a very short honeymoon trip. In this episode unfortunately Khurram coincidentally finds Hala’s place and now he is after her, wanting to ruin her happy life.

It is so good to see Hamza taking the required stand for Hala in front of his mother. Shahjahan has lost her place in the house after spoiling Sameen’s proposal chance. Even when Hamza gets to know about that matter he also starts detesting her mother’s conduct. For the very first time, Raees suggests Shahjahan should see a psychiatrist. I guess most of the resident of that house including Raees needs to get professional help.

Shahjahan when realizes that she is losing her place in front of her son, and tries another tactic. Shahjahan is posing to be very nice to Hala. Hala is over the moon to see Tayee being really nice with her. One wonders why she is so concerned about her, she is always been so mean to her now a smile and a few kind words have melted the innocent Hala.

Hala and Hamza’s scenes are really enjoyable and this is the main reason we bear this serial’s toxicity. Well this episode, in particular, seems a little underwhelming when it comes to Hala and Hamza’s romance scenes. Although Hala is having the happiest days of her life. She has what a girl can ask for, a very loving and caring husband. Well, we know that this happiness of Hala is timely as Khurram is back on the scene.

Omar Shehzaad’s choice of characters is really a hurdle in his way to becoming a star. His acting skills are good and he carries a negative role so well that we cannot stop ourselves from hating Khurram. Khurram is another toxic character of this play, he is the one who is cheating on Hala and yet he is blaming poor Hala for it. He gets envious to see Hala with Hamza and he has made up his mind to ruin her happy life and for that he wants to take Sameen’s help. Sameen already hates Hala so she will gladly help him out.

Will Hamza buy what Khurram and Sameen will be going to cook for him or will his love for Hala is unconditional and will remain pure? We certainly don’t want to see Khurram ruining Hala and Hamza’s relationship.

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