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Mere Humsafar Episode-22 Review: Khurram is back haunting Hala

Hala and Hamza are expecting their first baby

Mere Humsafar Episode-22 ReviewMere Humsafar Episode-22 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

ARY Digital’s one of the most popular drama serials Mere Humsafar is 22 episodes down and the main reason for its immense popularity is Hania and Farhan’s sizzling onscreen chemistry but as a viewer, we are getting tired of Hamza and Hala’s cute romantic scenes. In the previous episode, we have seen Hamza materializing all dreams of Hala. In this episode, Khurram is back haunting Hala.

Hamza is there for Hala fulfilling all her dreams. He says that he will go to support her in her studies, moreover, he says that he will take her to London to meet her father. Well that taking Hala to London news is creating waves in the house. Despite of Hamza’s parents’ objections and reservations, Hamza is resolute that he will take Hala to London to meet her father.

Hala has turned borderline annoying in the last episode too, she continues to be annoying in this episode as well. It is good to be confident but to misbehave or challenge elders is not a cool thing to do. Hala has started misbehaving with her Tayee and she has also started challenging her by saying that she will tell Hamza. Moreover, when Tayee gives her juice she is so mean that she straightforwardly tells Dadi that she does not like the taste of the juice.

Hala’s world turns upside down when she sees Khurram in her house as Samreen and her parent’s guests. Hala is super exuberant when she sees that Hamza is seriously taking her to London she wants to break this news to her chacha when she sees Khurram and all her happiness gets ruined and she gets fainted. Well, what a cliched scene that Hala’s fainting by getting shocked to see Khurram in the house is concealed by the famous “Good News” fainting.

This great news and happiness also failed to cheer up the scared Hala. Khurram in the house is literally haunting Hala. Well if Hala is not spineless and if she believes in Hamza she should tell Hamza all about Khurram and what he has done to her. Hala has not committed any sin so why does she is feared death? It was merely an affair she should tell Hamza all the truth, he would surely understand her. However the story has now taken a very depressing and dragging track, this forced regression will going to be hard to digest when just telling the truth can save everything. A happening episode!


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