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Mere Humsafar Episode-24 Review: Hamza have blind trust on Hala

Hala should tell Hamza the truth about Khurram

Mere Humsafar Episode-24 ReviewMere Humsafar Episode-24 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

ARY Digital’s Humsafar is indeed one of the most-watched serial and to be honest it is Hamza and Hala who are carrying this show. Farhan Saeed is simply charming and he performed Hamza so effortlessly. In the previous episode, we have seen Hamza disappointing us and then saving himself by blindly trusting Hala. In this episode too Hamza’s trust is not shaken.

Hala’s heart skips a beat when Tayee Jaan calls her in front of everyone and asks her about Khurram to our surprise Khurram clearly refuses to accept the fact that he knows Hala by any means. He is such a creep that he wants to torture poor Hala, one asks what revenge he is taking from Hala? It is he who was cheating on her!

Hamza to our surprise this time stays in his character unlike doubting Hala before, he is now saying that he fully trusts Hala! Well, how come one thinks to the extent that his wife has aborted his baby just because she wants to go to London but on the other hand he is not ready to believe his mother that she was liking someone before marrying him how strange? Well Hala has not committed any sin she just liked Khurram and it is he who betrayed her so what is the big deal?

If Hala musters some courage and talks about Khurram openly and honestly with Hamza he would not mind it at all and he can let it go easily but Hala is creating problems for her own self. Her fear is going to eat her up. To be honest we are getting bored seeing Hala’s constant whining. Shahjahan has made a joke of herself and credit goes to Khurram for that. She is trying hard to prove to the family about Khurram’s affiliation with Hala but no one is ready to buy her version of the truth.

Hamza’s trust in his wife is not shaken and to our surprise that abortion such a huge issue is conveniently sidelined by Hamza. Do we assume that he has forgiven his wife for such a huge sin or has he let it go because he thinks his mother does that and she is not mentally sound? It is shown that even Shahjahan is doubting her sanity. It would just take a moment of courage for Hala to chin up and own her past by telling Hamza the truth but her fear of losing Hamza forever is making her weak. The good thing about this episode is Hamza strongly opposing on swearing in the Holy Book. We certainly do not want that creep Khurram to ruin Hamza and Hala’s relationship. Overall an average episode!

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