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Mere Humsafar Episode-25 Review: Hala finally realizes that Khurram is cashing her fear!

Mere Humsafar the drama serial airing at ARY Digital is one of the most popular serials in the running. With Hala and Hamza’s striking chemistry, their romance is what we all want to see. In the previous episode, we have seen that Hamza continues to blindly trust Hala. In this episode too Hamza is there for Hala but Hala needs to tell him the truth about Khurram.

Khurram is there hounding Hala, threatening her. He happens to be such a vile ex. Hala has fully realized his ugliness. Well, we are still wondering why Hala is not mustering some courage to talk with Hamza about Khurram and her past? She has not committed any sin it was an innocent sort of relationship then what does she is fearing for?

By the way, Khurram is a very daredevil kind of person, he is so fearless that he is hounding, and loudly threatening Hala in her house the house is mostly full of people but no one catches Khurram misbehaving with Hala? Hala’s fear is what feeding Khurram’s false ego, he is enjoying that. Sameen’s parents’ blind trust in an unknown stranger also does not make any sense at all. Shouldn’t they be a little more concerned about Khurram’s background?

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Hamza seems a bit concerned about Khurram’s frequent visits to their house. He is thinking to investigate him and he shares it with Hala who gets disturbed and discourages this idea. Then there is an important scene on the road where Khurram is having a fight with a guy and Hamza witnesses the whole incident and realizes that Khurram is not a nice guy. Hamza shares about this incident with Sameen. Sameen shares this whole thing with Khurram who gets furious with Hamza for sabotaging his planning to get into the house and marry Sameen. Khurram is so toxic that he wants to ruin Hala but why what wrong she has done to him?

Khurram so conveniently dodges Sameen’s mother when he sees Hala alone on the lawn. By the way, Hala is giving him ample chances to threaten her, she could have easily avoided him but no she gets frozen every time she sees him, and no one else does not catch Khurram talking with Hala. The episode Thank God ends on a good note we are literally fed up with Hala’s constant whining. Hamza arrives when Khurram is threatening Hala, Hala casually changes the topic and tells Hamza that Khurram wants to clear himself about that road incident scene. Hamza like a cool dude says he does not need any explanation and takes Hala with him. Hala has eventually realized that it is her fear Khurram is using. She feels liberated and thank God she giggles. Hamza tells Hala that life is full of ups and downs but he is blessed with the best “Humsafar”. Hala needs to be honest with Hamza and tell him about her past.

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