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Mere Humsafar Episode-28 Review: Shah Jahan ruins Hamza and Hala’s relationship

Mere Humsafar the drama serial airing at Ary Digital now seems a rip-off of the blockbuster serial Humsafar even though the title is inspired by it. Performances are good but it is the story that seems brain-draining, sloppy, and repetitive. Even this tragic turn fails to create any interest. In the previous episode, Khurram forgives Hala and gets engaged with Sameen. In this episode, Shahjahan traps Hala and demeans her in the eyes of Hamza.

Shahjahan is after Hala making her feel bad that she is using Sameen as a scapegoat and not saving her from getting engaged to Khurram. Hala is also feeling remorse over her silence. She does not want any bad to happen to Sameen or her family. Her feelings are simply justified here.

Well, apart from this feeling bad whatever Hala has done makes her the dumbest heroine ever. She got no spine no brain at all. How come she trusts and falls for Tayee’s trap? She is the same woman who tried to kill her child then how come she is so naive that she agreed to go with her to Khurram’s place? Had Hala told all truth to Hamza about Khurram she would not have been in this dilemma.

Okay if Hala has decided to take this leap of faith she should have been a little cautious. It is Hala who asked Khurram to let her in his flat why can’t she talk with him at the door? Why he is letting Khurram touch her, comfort her? Hala herself is responsible for ruining her relationship with Hamza. Had he told Hamza the truth about her past she would not have been in such big trouble. Tayee is quick to call Hamza and it recreates the famous Humsafar scene. Hamza should have the brain to realize that it is all planted.

Hamza is mad at Hala because he had heard himself Hala telling Khurram that she does not love Hamza her marriage with him was just a coincidence. Shahjahan was shaming Hala as if she has committed a huge sin. I don’t like a play that challenges our intelligence. Hamza at least should have given Hala a chance to give her clearance. Hala’s telling to her Dadi about her parent’s abandonment and her deprivations were heart touching which she claims led to her affair with Khurram. However still we feel zero sympathies for Hala, it is her dumbness, her weakness, and her fears which have eventually ruined her house. Will Hamza leave Hala or will he at least give her a chance to speak in her defense?

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