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Mere Humsafar Episode-3 Review: Hala is not less than a Cinderella in the house!

Its not all gloom and doom situation

Mere Humsafar Episode-3 ReviewMere Humsafar Episode-3 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

ARY Digital’s drama serial Mere Humsafar has a regressive storyline which makes it heavy to watch. It is 3 episodes down and we have not yet seen Farhan Saeed’s entry into the play. In the previous episode, our heart went out for the poor Hala (Hania Aamir). In this episode as well we feel sorry for the poor Hala who is not less than a Cinderella in the house!

Hala is treated like a step child in the house. Despite of the fact that her father regularly sends a hefty amount of money but still she remains penny less. Her father has sent her cellphones but her cousins have taken it from her and she is given an old mobile phone of her Taya even her Taya is not been kind to her.

It is so hard to watch Hala suffering like that all the time. She is not even given proper food. Well Dadi takes her side more often but one wonders why she is not taking any solid stand for her grand daughter and why she is not taking proper care of her? Her Tayee is always there to make her life a hell! She is making her to do all kitchen chores too without giving her proper food.

Hala has a love interest too in her life. He is her best friend’s brother. Hala wants him to announce their relationship and give it a name but he is reluctant, he seems like someone taking advantage of her and using her as a timepass with no serious intentions of marrying her. Well we wonder where is the hero of the story? Where is Hamza why he has not made his entry into the play yet? It seems that currently Hala’s love interest is her best friend’s brother and this relationship will definitely bring more troubles in her life.

The cousin dynamics are bit interesting. Although Hala is not treated well in the house but she is not thoroughly hated by her cousins. Sameen has a soft corner for her although she does not like her and Rumi can say that she has not asked Hala to eat that Pizza but she says that she has given her the Pizza. Jalees Chachoo is quite kind to her and Hala also has her dadi’s back so its not all gloom and doom situation. Raees continues to be a loud and toxic husband and Dadi although is not as powerful as she used to be but still Raees regards his mother.

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