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Mere Humsafar Episode-9 Review: Hamza is proving to be Hala’s knight in the shining armor

Hala's in-laws to be turn to extremely greedy people


Ary Digital’s drama serial Mere Humsafar has turned from being a boring watch to a Masala serial and now it has become our guilty pleasure. One of the major reasons is Farhan Saeed’s charming screen presence. In the previous episode, Hamza comes into the scene. In this episode, Hamza rescues Hala and calls off her wedding.

Hamza has turned a Knight in the shining armor for the damsel in distress Hala. Being a typical Cinderella theme Hamza is not less than a Prince Charming for poor Hala. Why in the regressive serials it is always shown that a hero comes and pulls out the girl from a difficult situation why can’t a girl fight for her own self?

It is Farhan Saeed’s charming presence that has added life into this serial otherwise it is a poorly written run-of-the-mill sort of serial with so many loopholes and flaws in the storyline. How come a father who has given a hefty amount of 50 Lacs for her daughter’s wedding does not even care to know with whom she is marrying? It seems that Hamza is observing that Hala is being mistreated by his own family but what’s new for him? Doesn’t he know that as a child?

Hala’s in-laws turn to extremely greedy people. Hamza is shocked to hear their remarks about Hala they even target her character. Hamza loses his cool and he starts insulting the people and calls off the wedding. He rescues Hala from the stage and takes her to her room. The chemistry between Hania and Farhan is so lit and the scene in the room is quite romantic. Shah Jahan and Sofia are worrying that how will they now get rid of Hala? Taya suggests that Hala should be kept as no one cares well for Dadi like her.

Hamza is there for Hala all the time. Why he is not wondering why Hala is being so timid and afraid all the time? Hamza is kind of flirtatious the way he is also getting close to Samreen or maybe it is just that he considers her as her good friend. It seems that Hamza is interested in Hala the way he always cares for her, unlike others. The episode ends when Shah Jahan is torturing Hala and Hamza comes at the moment sees Hala crying. Will Hamza save Hala from his family’s cruelty the question is why Hamza has to save her why can’t Hala help herself she has a British Passport?

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