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Mere Humsafar Last Episode Review: A perfect ending on a very positive forgiving note

ARY Digital drama serial Mere Humsafar finally concludes on a very positive and forgiving note. All loose ends are well connected and it is a perfect ending. We really going to miss this play for being such a massive hit across borders too, the play has also made us fall in love with its characters Hala and Hamza. Performances are phenomenal and kudos to the entire team of Mere Humsafar.

Shahjahan gets a reality check when Raees although he wrongly blames her for all the bad things she has done including the ill bringing of Rumi. Despite all odds, Rumi’s ruksaati takes place. Well, to be honest, Rumi’s in-laws are too good to be true. At the level of being unbelievably real, despite the fact that Rumi has secretly done nikkah with their son they are happily accepting her even after Shahjahan’s misbehavior with them.

After Rumi’s nikkah the next day Hamza imparts the news of leaving the country and settling in Australia with his family as he got a job there. This is the breaking point for Shahjahan. She feels that her whole world has turned upside down for her as she cannot bear his son’s separation. She tries to convince Hamza but he is not ready to listen to his mother. There is a hint of Khurram and Sameen’s union too as she has forgiven Khurram and he says that he will wait for her.

The play ends on a very positive note of forgiving. It is said that to err is human and to forgive is divine. One achieves greatness when one let’s go and forgives as Hala does. She whole heartily forgives Tayee Jaan when she begs forgiveness from her. In fact, she is the one who convinces Hamza not to settle abroad as his parents really need him. Her dialogue ” Maa ko zaraf nahi Farz ka khanay may rak k soochna chaiye” (Something like that) is very heart-touching lines.

As far as the project is concerned it has got all the necessary Masala and it proved to be a massive success not just in Pakistan but also across borders. Farhan Saeed unarguably the king of romance has made us fall in love with Hamza. Despite flaws and loopholes in the writing and unnecessary dragging of the story, the performances, and the main lead chemistry carried the show quite well. It is Hania Aamir’s best performance to date. Once again kudos to the entire team of Mere Humsafar. We are surely going to miss the play, Hamza and Hala’s chemistry, and also the heart-touching OST. A perfect ending on a very positive forgiving note.

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