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Mere Pass Tum Ho Episode 1 Review: A beautiful start to a painful story

And so it began on Saturday, perhaps the most awaited drama of the year, that marks the return of superstar Humayun Saeed back on the television screen. Mere Pass Tum Ho, a Nadeem Baig directorial based on a script by Khalil ur Rehman Qamar stars Ayeza Khan and Humayun Saeed in the lead and we have to say, the drama has started on a beautiful note.

You see Danish (Humayun Saeed) a government officer, spending his life on his meager income. He earns not more than 50,000 but he’s content because he has the love of his live Mehwish (Ayeza Khan) alongside. Danish doesn’t complain about anything, he brings food from the outside when Mehwish doesn’t want to cook, he takes the family out on a picnic and even indulges his wife, as much as his pocket allows.

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However, where Danish is content on what he has, there’s a thirst in Mehwish to have more. Perhaps she just tries to show off for her rich friend Anoushey but she likes indulging herself. Mehwish is beautiful and she knows it and perhaps she’ll be using her beauty to her advantage in the future.

No matter how different the two are, yet Danish and Mehwish share a beautiful bond. There are disappointments in life that less money brings, but the two pull through. Danish with his smile for Mehwish and she, with her agitation and love for Danish. However, we have a strong feeling that this agitation will soon overpower Mehwish in the coming episodes.


In the episode, apart from character introductions and their personality traits, we were awarded with a good glimpse into their lives. Mehwish yearns for more. She knows her husband has a limited income but yet she wants a diamond necklace that costs a whopping amount. She shows off the necklace to Danish, who promises he’ll buy her that.

The desire to please Mehwish is strong for Danish. He does whatever he can, being compelled to forgo his morals and ethics just to have some extra cash to buy his wife the pretty necklace. When all else fails for him, he goes on to take a loan to please his wife. Such is Danish’s love for Mehwish, but will it be enough to keep them together, is what we’ll have to see in the future.

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For now, we have a very simply yet engaging storyline in Mere Pass Tum Ho. Both Ayeza Khan and Humayun Saeed look adorable together, especially Saeed, who had been doing some glamorous characters in the past for his film. We can see how effortlessly both Ayeza and Humayun Saeed are pulling off their characters which perhaps we haven’t really seen them play before. Nadeem Baig’s direction is spot on here, nothing too much and nothing too less. The attention to detail has been amazing in the screenplay.

Next week introduces us to Adnan Siddiqui’s character in Mere Pass Tum Ho, and as much as we’re loving Ayeza and Humayun together, we’d love to see what havoc Adnan Siddiqui’s character has to bring in to their lives.

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