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Meri Guriya 2nd Episode Review: There is evil lurking behind the corner!

There is a dire need to address  some major societal issues  and create awareness about them, the issues, we refrain to talk about openly. There are still some subjects which are considered a taboo but if we continue to avoid such topics it will  just help in increasing  the number of  victims and that is something we can’t afford.

So, a great effort on part of ARY and Big Bang Entertainment, drama serial ” Meri Guriya” calls out to child abuse and addresses what we have already been too late to talk about and highlight.

This play is written by Radain Shah and it is directed by Ali Hassan. Sania Saeed,  Sajid Hassan, Sonya Hussyn and Mohsin Abbass Haider can be seen in pivotal roles. For now we have seen how a young girl named Arifa has been brutally raped and murdered and discovered by the police. Sonya Hussyn plays Safeena, Dabeer’s (Mohsin Abbas Haider) wife.

The  episode begins when the police arrests Dabeer and his friends  for investigation about Arifa’s murder case. Arifa was brutally raped and murdered in the neighborhood and the police is considering Dabeer and friends as suspects in this regard as they are the neighbors. However Safeena intervenes and the police let go of Dabeer after hearing her arguments.


Dabeer’s reaction over Arifa’s murder seems bit over as he is shedding tears  over that issue and even Safeena seems impressed by Dabeer’s sensitivity. However the way Dabeer offers condolences to Arifa’s father seems a bit weird. Dabeer’s character us very intriguing as there is some background story, some reality which needs to be revealed. Dabeer, as it appears, is not as simple as he appears to be.


Apart from the child abuse issue, the drama is raising other women related issues too, which includes Women empowerment, their role in society, women education and their rights. Shehnaaz (Sania Saeed), a mother to daughters, is portrayed as a headstrong women who is  struggling to provide her daughters best quality education. Safeena and her passion for Badminton and her mad pursuit all reflect women empowerment. The doll which  Arifa’s sister finds in Safeena and Dabeer’s room will provide some kind of clue in the story. Again, paying attention to detail, director Ali Hassan and his use of doll is symbolic as it reflects how girls are treated in our society just like dolls they  do not have their own will and wishes. Meri Guriya is a job well done!


The ending scene of this episode also indicated something evil. The way Dabeer laughed at the news was nothing normal laugh but purely evil! What is behind this laugh and this timid innocent looking Dabber? Why does he seem lost and why it looks like that he is afraid of something? Do watch the next episode to know more.

Mohsin Abbas Haider has nailed playing Dabeer, the character with multiple layers. The drama is intense and requires intense efforts from the cast which each of them are delivering spot on. We’re looking forward to more from Meri Guriya, a drama which will surely open eyes.


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