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Meri Guriya Episode 11 &12 Review: Safeena and Shehnaz are using social media to ask justice for Abida!

Another two monumental episodes of Meri Guriya aired yesterday and once again, the drama has left us in a state of disbelief and denial. Disbelief because whatever it showcases, is inspired such brutual real life incidents and denial because one cannot bring the self to believe that the society we exist in is so inhumane.

Even in Abida’s case, we are now seeing how instead of helping the family or sympathizing with the victims, this shameless society is blaming the minor victim, who is already dead. Radain Shah has truly captured the essence and the mindset of this so called ‘educated’ society and speaks about how we’re moving towards a wrong direction.

Shahmeer has accepted a 5 lac cheque from the police but as a father he does not feel it is justified. However, its his mother and sister who think its the best that could happen. Shameer’s mother words ” Ghareeb tu dua kartay hain un kay ghar koi affat paray aur sarkaar unko paisay day unki maddad karayy” are really disturbing and one if left wondering if this is how the situation actually is. Then where do we stand as a community?


Police’s negligence and inefficiency is the real cause of increase in such incidents as this actually facilitates the criminal. The police, on a personal agenda, naps Arifa’s father (the girl who went missing in the first episode) and claims him to be Abida’s culprit. The poor man, who has no association with the case is now suffering.


Perhaps the poor don’t have the right to ask for justice at all. Shameer is blackmailed and bribed by the police for being silent over the issue. However, Safeena being a brave and strong woman finds a way to raise her voice for the masses. She has planned to use social media to get Justice for Abida. She films Shenaaz’s  video message and makes it viral. The video receives 2 millions views overnight. In the video Safeena demands that Abida’s body should be  re- examined and there should be DNA test of the suspect in order to prove him culprit.


Well apparently this video is causing troubles not only for the police but for Dabeer as well. Dabeer even attempts to kill Safeena again but luckily he again fails. However, the police is now pressurizing the neighborhood to go against Shahmeer and they have given him a week’s notice. What is disturbing is to see the same neighborhood where Abida played, call out saying how she could be equally responsible for the act.

Ali Hassan’s direction has given life to Radain Shah’s story, one that moves your soul. Words fall short when you have to praise powerhouse performers including Sania Saeed, Sonya Hussyn, Mohsin Abbas Haider and Sajid Hassan for Meri Guriya. These actors have taken upon a responsibility and they’re bringing across the message very well.


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