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Meri Guriya Episode 13 &14 Review: All you need to do is raise your voice!

Another two episodes 13 and 14  of drama serial ” Meri Guriya” went on air Wednesday. The play is addressing the heinous societal crime of child abuse, inspired by real life incidents, Meri Guriya has been incredibly penned down into a story by Radain Shah and brilliantly directed by Ali Hassan. The whole cast have given their best of performances to date particularly Mohsin Abbas Haider as the psychotic serial pedophile, Dabeer, Sonya Hussyn as the independent strong woman, Safeena, and Sania Saeed and Sajjad Hassan as the  grieving parents, Shehnaz and Shahmeer.

This week’s episodes revolved around the power of raising one’s voice for justice and the power of social media. The video which Safeena and Shahnaz filmed is making waves in the media and police is being pressurized to find Abida’s real culprit. Furthermore the suggestion Safeena demanded in the video of matching the DNA of Javaid with Abida’s is actually being done and Javaid has been released since he has been proven innocent.


Again the role of the public is highlighted, their silence and their considering this issue a taboo and something not to talk about is what the actual cause of an increase in such incidents is. The society’s silence facilitates the culprit and Meri Guriya is doing a commendable job in ending this silence.

Another dilemma is also being raised in this amazing drama. Throughout the episodes it is being show how instead of fighting with the victims’s family and raising their voices with them, the people actually create hindrances. The neighborhood has threatened Shameer that they will set their house on fire, what a way to treat a family, who just shared a major loss.


The police and the entire system is shown as an epitome of inefficiency and corruption. Instead of seriously taking the case and getting on to the culprit, the  police is using cheap tactics to threaten and pressurize Shameer’s family. It is the police who has made the public go against Shameer’s family  and has involved an MPA into the entire matter. The attitude of the MPA also speaks volumes about how  he looks down at people and also openly threatens Shahmeer’s family and Safeena that his guards will take them to his Haveli.


Dabeer’s portrayal as a serial psychotic pedophile is very well carried by Mohsin. The way he keeps his dolls and the belongings of his victims speak volumes about his mental disorder. He is really a very big schemer as he tries to disguise his look when he gets to know that he is wanted and one of the details of him is that he wears pant shirt. It seems that the police will soon get to him as according to them they have received some images but they are blur. Samreen while mopping the floor has also found Abida’s scarf under Dabeer’s bed and although Samreen has not recognized the clue yet,  it seems that it will provide some clue in the future.


Meri Guriya is educating mases in the best possible way. It talks about how one needs is to have courage and  to raise a voice no matter whatever hindrances comes.  Safeena and Shehnaz just raised their voices and showed courage and this brought the  whole media with them, compelling the police to act on their demands. This is the power of truth! The episode has given us some ray of hope that justice for Abida will be served and while its just a fictitious script, we’ll be at ease knowing how a culprit was served a well deserved sentence.


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