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Meri Guriya Episode 23 and 24 Review: A real eye opener!

There is a force behind Dabeer who still wants to save him


Meri Guriya since its first day has been an eye opener. A script, brilliantly penned down by Radain Shah and helmed by Ali Hassan as director, Meri Guriya, has brought to surface, the sad reality of our society. Laced with some exceptional performances, especially by Mohsin Abbas Haider, Sania Saeed and also Sonya Hussyn, this drama triggers your five senses, jolting you awake and making you face the harsh realities of our society.

Not only does this drama addresses the issue of child abuse, rape and murder, it also throws light on a number of problems plaguing are society. For example, how male children are valued more than a female child.

Right now, we’re being subjected to a story where Dabeer has been arrested, following his trial for the child’s rape and murder, but still his family wants to save him. The extent is so much so that Dabeer’s father is ready to sacrifice his daughter for Dabeer, who happened to be the family’s bread earner.


There is another issue raised in the play. Meri Guriya also highlights the hypocrisy of the so called human rights activists and NGO who raise voices not for a cause but for their own publicity. They work and help those who agree to return their favor. It shown in the play that a human rights activist wants to bribe Safeena and Shehnaaz just because they want publicity. They are too in someway or the other aiding the increase the number of such crimes by ensuring they get their due share of publicity without actually tackling the issue.


Police in their usual way investigates Dabeer and they makes him confess that he has raped and killed total 12 innocent girls! Sadly, despite having such clear evidences and Dabeer’s confession there still exists a group which wants to save Dabeer. Okay it may seem natural that Dabeer’s parents want to save him but why Shaikh Sahab and the ex SHO ? It is so disgusting that they only want to support him in persistence just because they cannot see Shehnaaz and Safeena being successful in getting justice.


Now that Dabeer is captured, the drama depicts the flaws of the judiciary sector, the hypocrisy of lawyers. Knowing the fact that Dabeer is a culprit still  the lawyer is shamelessly defending him just for his fees. Courtroom scenes appear like nightmares to common people particularly women, as if they are the ones who have committed the sin. Shaikh Sahab is trying hard to get Maafi nama from Abida’s parents and they are threatening Safeena and Shehnaz. Moreover Jahan Ara and her mother still feel the compensation money would be a better deal and Jahan Ara married off to Yawar as well.


Repulsive, yet an eye opener, Meri Guriya brings to the forefront the ugly underbelly of our society. Moshin Abbas Haider, take a bow for delivering the finest performance of your life. Sonya Hussyn, is wonderful and Sania Saeed has no match. A cast that knows how to deliver an impactful performance, Meri Guriya, continues to scratch your soul.


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