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Meri Guriya Episode 3 & 4 Review: Dabeer is eyeing his next prey!

Playing with dolls speak volumes for this character.


If you really want to have your eyes opened, you ought to tune in to Meri Guriya on ARY Digital. The dramapenned down by Radain Shah and directed by Ali Hassan is a shocker. It stuns you, repulses you and makes you want to scream for the atrocities about to be conducted. But you cannot do anything. We cannot do anything. Because what we see on the screens is a drama inspired by the brutal realities of this country, we call home!

Heinous crimes, child abuse, rape, murder, we hear about such things on news and in great abundance. However, this one drama on ARY Digital addresses the issue, with an aim to educate. Mohsin Abbas Haider, has chosen to play a pedophile, a rapist. He does so with great conviction! Sania Saeed, as Shehnaaz is absolutely wonderful, she represents how mothers ought to be in this society thats focused on degradation with every passing day.


It is shown that Abida is missing, however in real Abida is not kidnapped but Arifa’s mother takes her forcefully to her place as the poor woman has lost her mind after her daughter’s death. Abida comes to meet Safeena, however, she is met by Dabeer who scares the little girl by eyeing her awkwardly and telling her how he plays with dolls and how dolls become useless after that. The mere scene and Mohsin Abbas’s intensity were repulsive and that’s where he wins as an actor! You hate his character but you’re forced to appreciate how good as an actor Mohsin is.

Safeena has started to gel in with the family.  Sonya Hussyn as Safeena brings across a fresh breathe to the drama. Her character is portrayed as someone who stands against all societal norms and gender discrimination, her thoughts and view represents her modern and  liberal approach  towards life and society.


On the other hand,  Dadi, who is against Shehnaaz and her daughters going to school, complaints to her son and ensures Shehnaaz gets a good beating. Dadi is portrayed as a typical conservative woman who is judgmental and decides herself that who is going to Hell or who is not.  She is against women’s education and thinks that all bad incident happens because some way or the other girls themselves are outgoing . This represent typical Pakistani views we witness each time when any  at a bad incident happen there are some bigots who blames the victims for all this.

Another interesting turn in the play is that Abida’s phupho is interested in Dabeer and she sends a note to Dabeer through Abida. Dabeer is actually averse of women, he himself does not want to keep his marriage and he wants to divorce Safeena, however; Safeena on the other wants to keep this relation. Dabeer after receiving the note thinks to use Phupo to get his plan work. He is not interested in Abida’s Phupho  but he wants to make his way out to get Abida! He is planning this in his mind, so he asks her that he want to come to his place. It seems that Phupho unknowingly will provide Dabeer all the base to execute his plan. Watch the next episode to know more.


For now, you’re hooked to Meri Guriya. Ali Hassan is a creative genius and the way he has extracted performances from his actors along with the situations he has created are absolutely brilliant. We’re looking forward to this eye opener, week after week.


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