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Meri Guriya Episode 5 & 6 Review: All failed attempts are enraging Dabeer further!

What will his next plan be?


Sometimes its better to use the power of media for educating people, for making them aware of the grim realities of this society. For opening eyes! And this is exactly what Meri Guriya on ARY Digital is doing. Kudos to the channel and the production house for bringing across such a grave issue as child abuse, however, the performances delivered by the main cast, the direction and the story, each element stands out on its own, giving a bone chilling experience on television.

From very simple questions that have complex answers to issues which are disregarded but exist with ferocity in our society, Meri Guriya focuses on everything. And the best part is the fact that amongst so many sub plots, the real purpose of the drama hasn’t been lost. Powerful performances by the lead cast, Sania Saeed, Mohsin Abbas Haider and Sonya Hussyn, add worth to the intriguing story the drama is weaving.

So Shahmeer is insisting his wife to visit a peer to pray for a son. His mother has arranged for him to marry a young girl so that she can bear him a son, however, this one is a mismatched proposal and its consequences will be seen.

On the other hand, Dabeer’s lust is becoming uncontrolable. He was seen trying a number of plans this week, all of which failed him. However, had even one been successful, Abida would not have been alive.


In his first attempt Dabeer intoxicates the girls through Jahan Ara and then he intoxicates Jahan Ara too. He is then  dragging Abida out but luckily Shahmeer and Shahnaz  return back home. Dabeer leaves Abida there at the floor and runs away but Shahnaz becomes suspicious of Abida’s position. However, she remains clueless.Another attempt Dabeer makes is when he picks up Abida from the Madarssa and this time too Aabida sees her father in the way and is saved.

Dabeer has become insistent in his attempts and it seems, he’ll finally find a way of napping Abida. Mohsin Abbas Haider, you have our respect for choosing to portray such a horrendous character and taking it upon as a responsibility.

Meri Guriya is hitting the societal norms and conventions which although meaningless still prevail in our society. A lot of research is involved in each character and sub plots picked out by this drama and each one is conveying what we really need to see as a society to wake up.


Back to the episode, Dabeer is now feeling himself insecure of Safeena as well. It seems that Safeena is a threat for him,  so Dabeer is now planning hard to get rid of her. He does not have the courage and strength to divorce her, that is why he is finding other means, he actually planned to murder her. Yes he tries to poison her but instead of Safeena, his sister Samreen eats that poisoned breakfast. Dabeer very cleverly covers  this and he puts the poison bottle in Safeena’s bag and shifts the blame on her Safeena.  Sonya Hussyn is adorable as Safeena. In a drama so dark, she is a breath of fresh air.

Offering amazing performances, Meri Guriya airs every Wednesday on ARY Digital.


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