Meri Guriya Episode 9 and 10 Review: Heartbreaking!

Words fail me here. This episode was very, very painful and I could not stop my tears. I cried with the parents when they went on to identify their daughter’s body. Shahmir’s state of denial, his intent to protect his wife from the truth and his loss was very much clear on his face. Shehnaz knew it was her daughter instinctively. She is a mother, a mother knows. Sajid Hassan and Sania Saeed won me won as actors in this episode. Although I have been a fan of their work since day one, they have surpassed everything they have done before with Meri Guriya. Amazing!

I have to give credit to the writer of this play, Radain Shah, who has stood up to show the society its ugly face. The hunger of the media, the negligence of the police and how this society talks, once such a crime happens, feeds these criminals who thrive on the crimes they commit.

For starters the scene where the parents go on to collect the body is soul shaking. Not only because the actors enact their parts with conviction but because the heartlessness of the media, trying their best to get a shot of the corpse is shown. Also the negligence of the police is right there. Nobody registered an FIR when Shahmir went to them with a complaint but they are quick to point out how they have been working eversince to find his daughter.

An 8 year old girl has been raped and murdered. A small girl who did not know the difference between right or wrong. A girl who wouldn’t have understood what was going on with her. Here we see the elders of the family trying to suppress what happened to Abida just because she fears for her reputation. Dadi feels Abida has been tainted even after death and therefore does not want anybody to discuss what happened to her.

Meri Guriya holds a mirror not only to the society but also the system here. We’re shown how the police is waiting for the hype of die and how the family is pressurized into making a comment where they have to state how thankful they are for all the help. Reminds me of poor Zainab’s father (the Kasur girl) who had to sit through press conferences with Shehbaz Sharif and mention how he was satisfied with the investigations going on.

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Dabeer has now carefully carried out his plan. But Shehnaz’s conviction that she’ll get her daughter’s criminal punished and Safeena’s conviction to help her is alarming him. We feel in the graveyard where Dabeer slips off and he keeps on saying “maine kuch nahi kia maine kuch nahi kia” should have alarmed Shameer and he should have recalled that the last time he saw Abida was when he called her and ask her to give Dabeer water.

Mohsin Abbas Haider as Dabeer is repulsive but very promising. His expressions, his dialogues, his attitude, each and everything comes spot on. Mohsin has matured massively as an actor. If you liked him in Muqabil and Miras, you’ll love him in Meri Guriya, he is such a convincing actor that you hate his guts for playing Dabeer.

However, it won’t be long before Dabeer is discovered because Shehnaz is not a mother to sit still. She’ll shake his foundations and draw out her daughters criminal. Shehnaz is a wounded mother and a when a mother decides to avenge her child, she can destroy just about anyone. However, we just wish, this wasn’t another drama and a reality where people would get up, demand justice, bring the criminal to their fate, just so the amount of these heinous crimes could be reduced.


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