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Meri Guriya Episodes 15 &16 Review: Samreen is been punished for learning the truth!

We’ve fallen short of words to describe how Meri Guriya has been able to hit us where it hurts the most. The drama, addressing numerous societal issues in one, not just that of child abuse and rape, has made us a serious fan of Radain Shah’s writing and Ali Hassan’s direction. The writer-director combo has been blessed with a dream team of actors who have made this agonizing project a screen masterpiece, something which not only moves you but also makes you believe each and everything because it has been enacted with such conviction.

The episode begins when the neighborhood is conspiring against Shameer’s family with the police.  Although the people setting Shahmeer’s house on fire seems a bit overboard but still, we know that there is a fraction of people in our society who are capable of just about everything. (Recall the Catholics lynching in Lahore and shudder because we do have such humans alive amongst us.)


Samreen and Dabeer coincidentally together visit the woman’s place who recognizes Dabeer and starts pointing towards him and shouting. Samreen senses something wrong and recalls how the scarf found in Dabeer’s room belonged to Abida. She argues with Dabeer and then shares too much of information. And now she is now being punished for knowing the truth. Dabeer intoxicates her and brings her to that old place where he used to keep all his victims.


Samreen may not have realized that it was Dabeer who is the actual culprit but after her abduction she sees the real monster in her brother. Mohsin Abbas Haider has played the ruthlessness of the psycho pedophile with so much conviction that we have begun detesting the actor. The scenes where he enacted with the scarfs are pathetic, so much so that, you turn your face away because Mohsin Abbas Haider has gotten into Dabeer’s skin and it seems the actor is actually living the pedophile.

Yawar wonders where his sister might be because he knows for sure, she isn’t the one who can elope and so he is worried.


Shahmeer has been critically injured in the fire the neighbors set on his home. But it has prompted his family to move into Dabeer’s house. Yawar has been noticing Dabeer’s strange behavior and most probably it will intrigue him more and he will get to know the reality soon. The alarming sign is that  Shehnaz ‘s daughters are right now living with Dabeer and his family. What will happen next? What will the drama showcase further? For now we have seen the most pathetic sides of our society, including the ruthlessness of our community and how the psycho pedophiles operate because we, ourselves aid them.

Looking forward to the next episode of Meri Guriya, we sign off. Let us know what you think of the drama in the comments below.


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