Meri Guriya Episodes 21 and 22 Review: Dabeer’s DNA matches and he is found guilty

ARY on aired the double episode of Meri Guriya, the serial is made on the true life incident of a child rape. Apart from projecting the life of a serial Pedophile, the serial highlights  so many societal issues, including society’s reaction towards the victims’s family and the hurdles that are created in the way of getting Justice. The criminal plot is incredibly penned down by Radain Shah and it is brilliantly directed by Ali Hassan. The highlights of these episodes are Dabeer’s escape and then his recapturing by the Police.

The opening scene gives us real goosebumps when Dabeer opens his eye and  grabs Safeena, Poor Samreen is trying to save her but  she is helpless. Luckily Police and Yawar come to rescue them and Police arrests Dabeer. Well, then we got to know that Dabeer manages to escape by taking the advantage of a situation where the Police van had an accident.  Safeena is extremely shattered on seeing the real monster of Dabeer, she shares this with Shahnaz and confirms that Dabeer is the real culprit.

Dabeer is a real psychotic, but a great schemer also. He goes to her distant aunt place who happen to be  his poor relative. The woman welcomes him and offers him food and shelter, and Dabeer being the pure evil, is eyeing on her 11 years old daughter. There is no TV and light in that house and it goes in Dabeer’s favour as the poor woman is unaware that she is giving shelter to a monster in her house. Dabeer is all set to prey her daughter when luckily the woman  who happens to be SHO’s maid  watches Dabeer’s picture on his TV and shares with him  about where Dabeer is living . SHO takes her with him immediately and goes to the house where Dabeer is all set to attempt the crime but, luckily Police arrives on time. Dabeer successfully manages to escapes from the location but finally Police recaptures him.

Well, Dabeer’s mother’s instant reaction seems to be natural, as she is in state of denial that Dabeer cannot do this. However, when Samreen is still telling what Dabeercactually did to her, her reaction is not normal and she still seems unmoved and is asking her to forgive him and when  everything goes against him, his DNA matches and she still is supporting him and on top of that she goes to Safeena’s place and begs forgiveness for him. She is not even sensing the amount of sin his son has committed.

The drama has also highlighted the issue that how a certain fraction of society sided with those who creates hurdles in the way of  justice. Still, the neighbouring people are against Safeena and Shehnaaz and want to help Dabeer!

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Yes, after knowing all his reality, there are still some people who want to save him! Shaikh Saab is one such hate-able character who wants to take advantage of this situation and he shamelessly offers help to Dabeer’s father and is trying to convince him that he should  try to save Dabeer and in return he is asking Samreen’s hand! Well lets see what will happen in the next episodes.


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