Meri Guriya Last Episode Review: Justice Prevails!

Meri Guriya’s last episode went on air last night. The whole team, writer, director and particularly the whole cast did an incredible job. Hats off to the whole team of Meri Guriya for endeavoring to bring such an amazing drama on screen. A special mention to Mohsin Abbas Haider for playing the despicable character of Dabeer to perfection. Mohsin, you have earned your well deserved place as an actor after Meri Guriya. 

With the drama, the team has been successful in creating the much needed awareness and addressed some major societal evils including child abuse and rape. Radain Shah penned a story that gave people hope, that if voices are raised and persistence shown, everything can be possible.

A number of issues came to the front line with Meri Guriya. The ending episode showed how many factors could affect justice, even in such a small case. Sheikh Sahab’s character had a very big importance. How he believed that looking up to Safeena and Shehnaaz, women would start standing up for their own rights and that might become a threat to the norms of this patriarchal society that we live in.

Shehnaaz’s struggle is rewarded when she sees Dabeer being hung in public. In fact the ending for Meri Guriya was wholesome and satisfactory, allowing people to at least find one culprit, albeit in a drama, reaching his well deserved destination. Sania Saeed as Shehnaaz and even Sajid Hassan as Shahmeer need to be praised, especially Sania for giving a soul shattering performance.

Mohsin Abbas Haider literally delivered award winning performance, carrying the role of the psychopath  pedophile to perfection.  His varying  expressions throughout the court session simply exhibit his excellent acting skills. Sonya Hassyn as Safeena has also outdone her work in Aisi Hai Tanhai as well. Safeena is a strong, brave and rebellious girl who has rejected the society’s dated norms and is ready to fight for the rights. She created the awareness among  the people and raised her voice through social media and inspiring all others, making them aware of what was going wrong where.

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Meri Guriya ended on a satisfactory note and with a very strong message. The end for Dabeer in the drama was just the begining. There are hundreds of Dabeer in every nook and corner of this country who wait patiently for their preys, scarring people for their lives. We hope, this drama brought about the much needed awareness in parents to keep their eyes open for just about everyone. Here’s a small prayer wishing all little children are kept safe and close to their parents always.


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