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Meri Shehzadi Episode-18 Review: Dr Hassan is likely to add colour in Dania’s life

Sahana is on a mission to crush Dania's political career by running her slander campaign

Meri Shehzadi the drama serial airing on Hum TV is 18 episodes down. And here a new character is introduced, Dr Hassan in Dania’s life. It is again inspired by the life of Princess Daina and her affiliation with Dr Hassanat. Farhan Saeed as Dr Hassan is a treat for all his fans. In the previous episode, we have seen that Sheroze has decided to public-ally declare Cam as his wife. In this episode, it is shown that Dania struggling to take care of her ailing Nana and her kids when she comes across a very busy and arrogant heart specialist Dr Hassan.

Well, the portrayal of Dania’s character is not much convincing, as the writer claims that Dania is inspired by the life of Princess Diana then her character is nothing like Diana. We have seen that she is being the queen of hearts but the makers are not showing much of her struggles and work for humanity. This part is not convincing at all. Dania is quite a weak character up till now as in one scene it seems like she has mustered some courage and in another scene, she is crying helplessly.

Dania in one of her low moments cried her heart out in front of her faint heart Nana. She is pitying her married life for being a failure. Dania’s nana could not stand this and he takes all this to his heart. Dania’s nana gets a cardiac arrest and we have seen that his character is been replaced by Manzoor Qureshi hoping that Qavi Sahab is well as he has stepped out of the project.

Dania and the top cardiologist Dr Hassan’s first encounter is not a pleasant one. She is trying hard to get his appointment but Dr Hassan has back-to-back surgeries to perform. Unlike Dr Hasanat he is not much courteous but like a typical Pakistani top heart specialist he is running out of time. However, still, Dr Hassan suddenly decides to see Dania’s Nana first.

We have peeked into the life of Dr Hassan who happens to be a bachelor and lives with his mother. Dania’s snubbing of Dr Hassan for his nonchalant behaviour seems quite a stretch no one talks with a specialist like that. Shahana has made up her mind to crush Dania’s political career by running a slander campaign against her on all print, electronic and social media. Shehroze is too mean that he has called his infants sons for a meet-up just to tease Dania. The only best thing is that Dania’s father has shown some spine and he has left his house. It is so satisfying to see Andeleeb crying.

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