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Meri Shehzadi Episode-11 Review: Dania is winning the hearts and as expected wins the election

Shahana encourages Dania to contest in the elections

Meri Shehzadi the Hum Tv drama serial is 11 episodes down and the story has turned quite interesting. Set in a unique landscape of politics, this serial is not like any other run of the mill kind of family drama. Performances are quite impressive particularly this show belongs to Atiqa Odho. In the previous episode we have watched that Dania is offered the party ticket. In this episode Shahana encourages her to contest in the elections and she wins!

Dania met the party chairman to convince him to give Sheroze the party ticket. She gives such a convincing speech that chairperson ends up being impressed by Dania and instead of Sheroze he offers Dania the party ticket. Dania is shocked so is Sheroze, he starts laughing on this taking it as some kind of joke but then the chairman reminds him that he is not jesting he is very serious.

Sheroze takes it as his insult. Dania has not agreed on this she says that she will think about it on which the chairman says that he wants the reply in positive and if she refuses he will consider that it is because her family is stopping her. Sheroze is in his worst mood. He simply does not deserve a devoting wife like Dania, he is so mean and selfish that he yells at her not realizing that she has gone there for his support.

Shahana is far sighted than his angry young son. She takes it as an opportunity to improve their political career. She encourages Dania to contest in the election and take this seat. Despite of her younger sister’s never ending jealousy Shahana proves herself as a true politician. Dania’s father is the most happy person on hearing that his daughter is getting a party ticket.

I must really appreciate the makers of the play for executing so well the election campaign, the banners, the flags they are so well put. Shahana just like a typical snob politician is trying her best to teach Dania all the etiquette for being a seasoned politician, her plan is to use Dania as a puppet. Well Dania is Dania, it seems like she is there to rule the hearts of people and she is already doing that despite of Shahana’s disapproval. Dania is winning hearts and election. The ending scene is little suspicious why Dania is not getting up is she fainted? Is she expecting?

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