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Meri Shehzadi Episode-14 Review: Dania is shocked and disgusted that she has been made a fool by Shehroze

Dania give birth to twins and once again takes a firm stand for herself

Hum Tv drama serial Meri Shehzadi despite being a very difficult story still fails to create an impact, it seems like the story is going round and round. Dania first takes a stand for herself and then her compromising in order to save her marriage. In the previous episode, we have seen that Dania compromises once again to save her marriage. In this episode, Dania is taking a firm stand for herself against the aristocracies of Shehroze’s family.

The episode begins with some time passed and Dania gives birth to two cute twins. Shehroze is back from a long absence and he is very happy to see his twin sons. Shahana and Shehroze organize a big bash Aqiqa ceremony with all the cream of the society invited even the Chairperson of the party is also invited to the ceremony. Dania seems so happy at the event until that incident happens.

Once again some pictures went viral of Shehroze spending quality time with Cam and his son in America. The way these pictures are getting viral during the event and everyone getting notifications beeps in their phones make this look so unrealistic. Poor Dania is still unaware of it until her vile stepmother shows her that video which has certainly put Dania’s life upside down.

Dania is shocked and disgusted that she has been fooled by Shehroze all this time. Dania reacts to it but Shehroze pleads her not to show her reaction to the world for the sake of her sons. Dania for her sons appears to be all happy and content with the world. After the ceremony Dania shows her real reaction in front of Shahana and Shehroze. In fact of feeling guilty, they were blaming Dania for overreacting. Dania makes Shehroze choose between her or Cam? and leaves the house in the middle of the night.

Dania takes a decision but she is getting weak when she starts missing her children. Her motherhood is making her weak but then she takes a firm decision that she is not going to bent in front of Shahana or Shehroze. Dania’s nana meets with the party chairman and shares whatever Dania is going through. The chairperson takes strict notice of it, he meets Shahana and Sheroze and warns them that if they will are not going to bring Dania back home he is going to disqualify them from the party tickets. It is so satisfying to see Shahana and Sheroze getting in trouble.

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