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Meri Shehzadi Episode-16 Review: Dania once again compromises, this time for her political career

Cam is back into the scene!

Meri Shehzadi the Hum TV drama serial is 16 episodes down and it seems that the story is going round and round with Dania standing firm in one scene and then compromising in the next. Performances are brilliant except for Urwa Hocane’s which seems lacking in a few places. In the previous episode, we watched Sahana running a slander campaign against Dania. In this episode, it is shown that Dania once again compromises but this time for her own political career.

Dania as we have seen in the previous episode that she finally hires a lawyer and files for divorce. Sheroze on the other hand holds a press conference rejecting all false allegations about his wife saying that they are happy with their married life. The Party chairman is not happy with this rat and cat race, for him all his three candidates are equally important and his party cannot afford any scandals.

The most satisfying scene is when part chairman snubs Shahana and tells her to sort out their family matters. He calls Dania and also tells her that she cannot afford to lose Shehroze and her marriage as it is important for her political career, well I don’t like nor agree with what the party chairman has said to Dania but she has convinced by his explanation and decided to go back to her home.

Dania is shown being strong in one scene and helpless in the other. She comes back with a bang, shouting when she sees her kids being carelessly treated by the nanny. Shahana mistreats her saying that she should be grateful that after all this disgrace she has brought, they are still accepting her. Well, the irony is that she is the one who has carried a slander campaign against her. Dania’s father is also helpless in taking her side.

Well, Dania is already facing such kind of brutal treatment by her inlaws when out of nowhere Cam enters back into the scene. She is back at Sheroze’s house and Dania cannot stand this but this time no body is at her side. She has weakened her position in the house by misbehaving with Shahana. Cam is disturbed to see a family portraits photoshoot of Dania and Sheroze for a magazine cover. Sheroze is not ready to give up on Cam. It is Dania who will be going suffer now after the slander campaign. We are wondering what will happen next with Dania.

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